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Other Interesting Links

This is a set of links that are furry, and didn't seem to fit anywhere else, like pages specificaly for foxes, or what have you.

Link Description
* Furry news source (like slashdot is for geeks) (659547)
* Furry Calendar, The Event calendar for Furry Fandom (172375)
* The Church of the Quivering Otter (142870)
+ .fur For a furry top level domain (659938)
+ Aranous Treasury Selling furry goods for less, since 15MAR2002 (659652)
+ BIG cat chit-chat A bulletin board for the big cats of the fandom. (659737)
+ Bay Area Furry mailing list (BAF) Mailinglist for SF Bay Area furries. (142869)
+ Canadian Furry Web Ring A web ring for Canadian furries' sites. (659738)
+ CanuckFurryICQ The Canadian furries' ICQ users' list! (238039)
+ Club Furry Furry chat forums and furry website directory. (659900)
+ DJ Fuzzy -Furry music for a furry future a So-Calif active furry music producer/DJ-for hire (659877)
+ Role-playing for furries in the renaissance era (659644)
+ Free Paws! Furries going barepawed in virtual and real life (547415)
+ FurBox.Net A central communication point for furs worldwide. (659808)
+ FurNet IRC FurNet IRC, replacement for the defunct yiffnet (659653)
+ Furboard A noteboard system for furs.., made by furs... (bbs like) (143039)
+ Furnetics Your one-stop-shop for genetic alterations! (659921)
+ Furres ONLINE Furre Pages, Guilds pages, interviews, gossip, etc (252439)
+ Furry Fantasies II - Original Soundtrack A music compilation by european furry musicians. (170062)
+ Furry Forum Mailing List Home of the Furry Forum Mailing List (146304)
+ Furry, Inc. It a forum for Furries to express thier opinions. (659873)
+ Furry-Furry Adult BBS Adult BBS dedicated to Furry, Yiffy and Plushie (659935)
+ FurryICQ The new home of the Furry ICQ users' list (155040)
+ FurryIM A big list of furs using the various IMs. (659615)
+ Furs Latinos Community of Spanish-speaking furry artists (659932)
+ German Fursuit Page, The Info about fursuiting and costuming (eng/ger) (172887)
+ International Mascot Mascots, Character Costumes and Inflatables (659823)
+ Irene Corey Design Associates Custom Character Costume Creators (659896)
+ Kathy's Kreations Stuffed Animal Outlet (166734)
+ Lake Area Furry Friends Furs in the S. WI and N. IL region (548631)
+ Lamp Light A slide-a-day site. With 3-d rendered images. (144736)
+ Lygeia's Storypage The life and times of Lygeia in Furcadia (143023)
+ MainFrame World The Official Site of MainFrame (659585)
+ Mascots Unlimited Custom Fur Costumes For Furrys (610775)
+ Mini-Feru Felicia fan art Felicia fan art,furry and others arts (659802)
+ Mystic Wood Graphics and story line for Mystic Wood (142974)
+ New England Furries Mailing List A mailing list for New England Furries (155680)
+ Nini Land A new MB for furry fans to come and hang out! (659882)
+ NiteMyste's Furre CrossRoads Furre webdesign / home on info of Furcadia (659594)
+ Norwegian Paws A furry forum for Norwegian furs. (659903)
+ Planet Furrania A plush and inflatable toy collection (167854)
+ Pressed Fur Essays and mainstream press about furry fandom. (659558)
+ Sapphic Kin Art and info for bi/lesbian women of the Fandom. (659820)
+ Smoking Furry Fetish Page A site for those with a fetish for smoking furries (659697)
+ Sugar's Costumes Studio Inc. Maker of mascot character costumes (154336)
+ Tavern by the Road fox-based website with original artwork. (636535)
+ The Critter Kids! A Redwallish club, come and enter our contest! (146080)
+ The Furry Board A One Page Furry Forum (659951)
+ The Furry Entertainment Network Resource for Art, literature and RPGs of furriness (659742)
+ The Furry Faith The original Furry Faith, Cuddly & Profound (236151)
+ The Furry Forest Mailing list and galleries for all furries (659679)
+ The Furry Writing Team Headquarters Group story writing! (659678)
+ The world of the Mascot Australian Furry info site (143089)
+ Three D Comics Three D Furry Graphic Novel on the net. (659910)
+ TigerTim's Australian Mascot Site An Australian Pro Furry and costume maker (155136)
+ TorFurICQ An ICQ user list of furs in the Toronto region (171863)
+ Vancouver Area Furs Mailing List Events, furry stuff (art, fursuits, plush .. ) (659586)
+ Yiff Mailing List A list for yiffy furs out there to talk. Yiff! (166126)
+ The Canadian furry community web site. (659614)
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