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Which wizard do I go to for what kind of problem? How long will it take
for them to respond?

All wizards can be reached via email at tap-wizzes@fur.com.  To address a particular wizard, put their name in the subject or body of your letter.

o WhiteWizard  --  Head wizard.  Owner of the MUCK.  Primarly for escalation purposes, rarely useful to contact directly.

o BlackWizard  --  Player relations, policy enforcement.  Rarely, if ever, available to users.

o StyxWizard  --  Building management.  Ask 'helpstaff' your question *before* speaking to this busy wizard.  See the building policy and the building bulletin board (tport BuildingPermits) for more information.
Building approval turn-around time varies from weeks to months, depending on the crunch.

o GreyWizard  --  Policy enforcement; also decision-maker regarding whether particular email addresses are considered valid or invalid for registration purposes.  Available several times a month.  Response time 7-10 days.

o JadeWizard  --  Policy enforcement, conflict management, harassment, minors, password requests, MUCK information, and misc. Read 'cinfo JadeWizard' before asking questions. Technical questions must go to 'helpstaff'. Available daily.  Response time 0-3 days. Email jade@night-sky.org if needed.

o BlueWizard  --  Not available to users.  This wizard is a programmer who assists in the implementation and maintenance of MUCK features.  Comes online once or twice a quarter.

Check wizard status with the 'wizzes' command.

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