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Can I change my name?

The '@name' command is locked and can not be used. That means your current name is your *forever-name*.

The fail message for '@name' says 'Only wizards can rename players.' This may give everyone the impression they can request or petition wizards to change their name. LIES. Wizards will not go into the business of name-changes.

Please just go back to the webpage and generate a new character, if you absolutely must do so. Otherwise, please tell all your friends that the ability to rename yourself is currently suspended until further notice.

To manage your 'names':

1. Learn @toadme to delete names/alts
--- As with most commands, use #help for help, as in '@toadme #help'
2. Learn to use the registration form to create new names/alts
--- http://www.fur.com/tapestries/registration
3. Make sure your spam filter does not hinder our email validation
--- To validate, click link in email, and then click 'Verify' on the page itself
4. Complain to all your friends that you have to wait for our automated script! ohnoes!
-- If validation went wrong, your alt will be recycled and you must re-register

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