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I have just completed the several steps involved for registering an account with this service. I am now waiting 48 hours for the wizards to review and approve. Why is there so much security for this game? I feel like I'm applying for a building permit.

You are waiting 48 hours for your submitted request to be processed automatically by batch scripts that run every 2-3 days (sending and processing multiple validation emails) and for the wizards to receive a log (also produced by this script) of all account requests in progress for record-keeping and technical support purposes. This "slowness" is part of the price we pay for having character creation highly automated and robust, but yet open to intervention by the administration if needed, which is almost never.

That being said, the "security" of Tapestries is what we can provide given that the service is free to its user base, and the head administration and technical support helpstaff consists of volunteers. Depending upon who you ask, there's either 1) an absurd amount of "security" attempts going on, or 2) there's absurdly little being done to ensure security. It seems the person asking this question falls in camp #1.

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