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Why isn't there an SSL connection to Tapestries, particularly given its adult nature?

Tapestries MUCK is running software that is several years old. That software has been debugged over those years and is one of the few things that can run such a large system. The downside is that there are many features it lacks, and this is one of them.

An upgrade is eventually planned to fix this particular problem, but is not expected in the near future with all the other higher priority issues the Muck has.

Until then your options are limited. Unix users for example can make a secure connection to another machine on a trusted network and connect from there. Windows users would have to setup a secure proxy somewhere that makes an insecure connection to the Muck.

We do not suggest connecting to Tapestries MUCK from any work place where your network may be monitored. Even if the text of the conversation were encrypted, the fact that you are connecting to an obviously adult service would still be visible from the IP address and port.

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