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I have an error 'Exit lacks zone flag' popping up.  What does that mean and how do I fix it?

What does it mean? --  'Exit lacks zone flag' is a little bit misleading. The solution is not always to set a flag on the exit. This error message is telling you is that the destination room is not parented correctly. The code in 'zone' is checking to make sure all rooms are part of the zone's parent room. If your destination room is not, then the exit won't work.
How can I fix it? -- Add the destination room to the proper 'zone' parent. To do so, you @teleport the destination room (#aaa) into the parent room (#bbb). @teleport #aaa=#bbb -- In most circumstances, you must own both the destination room and the parent room to do this.

I believe exits that will cross zones must not only be parented correctly inside their own zone, but be set 'Z' to mark it as a cross-zone exit. The 'Z' flag can only be set by a wizard. In fact, since we lack a building admin, it can only be set by WhiteWizard. I've tried to keep helpstaff up to date on this stuff, so they'll be useful during this transition! :)

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