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Character Registration


  1. Remember: access to Tapestries is a privilege, not a right. You are the guests of the administrators of the system. Please act accordingly.

  2. Read the mission statement and know what you are involving yourself in.

    Tapestries MUCK is a cross between a real life BDSM play party, a free form roleplaying environment, and a social gathering place all within a furry theme. It strives to provide a place for safe and free exploration of dominance and submission roleplay, as well as other forms of sexual expression in public and in private. Tapestries facilitates this by providing an environment that is populated exclusively by adult players and furry characters, as well as by setting guidelines that encourage tolerance and respect of other's fantasies and beliefs.

  3. Read the policies. You are agreeing to them by filling out this form, and will be expected to know them and follow them.

  4. It is VERY important that your email address be correct! Invalid email addresses will result in applications that can not be completed, and long delays in your registration.

  5. This form is NOT for lost passwords. Use this form if you have lost your password.

  6. We reserve the right to to give out any of this information. It is not our policy to do so. We respect our users' privacy whenever possible, even if you are forcibly removed from our system, in accordance with the sensitive nature of the materials exchanged on the system.

The Form...

E-Mail Address Required!
You will be sent a registration key at this email address. You may also be contacted at this address by the wizards in case of problems with your account. You MUST be able to receive email from us at this address! If this address is incorrect you will not receive a character.

Character Name Required!
This is the name of the character you wish to use on the system, this is usually not the same as your real name. Character names must be unique on the system, this will be checked for when you submit the form.

You may use letters, numbers, underscores (_) and dashes (-) to form the name.

Character Name:
I can't think of a name...

Character Password Required!
This is the password that you will use to access the muck. This will be mailed back to you with the character creation confirmation.

You may use letters, numbers, spaces, underscores (_) and dashes (-) to form the password.

Character Password:

Age Statement Required!
Tapestries MUCK provides services of an adult nature. To comply with California state and national laws, we must require you to be of legal age to interact or view information with sexual and/or violent content.

In the case of California and many other states and countries, this age is Eighteen (18) years of age. We require this as a minimum to meet California state law. It may be a higher age in your area.

< > I agree that I am both Eighteen (18) years old, AND that I meet the requirements in my local area to roleplay and view the roleplay of sexual and violent materials.

Please take a moment to let us know where you heard about the muck, or provide whatever feedback you wish.

Non-Transference of Account Required!
The accounts you register are for your use only. Transferring your account to other users is a violation or our policies, and is unauthorized use of our computing resources. Further, it may make you an accomplice in the corruption of a minor, harassment, or many other such activities.

Because of this, anyone found to give out their password to any other user other than the wizards, for any reason, will be purged from our systems.

< > I agree that I will not share my password or account on Tapestries MUCK with any other person.

Validity of Information Required!
Please take a moment to review the values you have entered into the form. If at a later date any of them are found to be incorrect, your character(s) may be subject to purging at the discretion of the wizards.

Intentionally forging any of this information to gain access is considered unauthorized access to FUR.COM resources.

This service and the device it runs on is private property of
Foxes' Underground Revolution. Unauthorized access is strictly
prohibited and subject to prosecution under international, state,
federal and local statutes.  Our systems are subject to monitoring.
If you are unauthorized or do not consent to Foxes' Underground
Revolution monitoring of usage DO NOT SUBMIT THIS FORM OR ACCESS
< > I agree that the information provided here is correct to the best of my knowledge.

Submit this request for access to Tapestries MUCK.
Clear the values on this form.

Written by WhiteWizard <tap-wizzes@fur.com>