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Full New User Guide

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Full New User Guide

For the first thing please ignore the @desc me=(desc) method. Its not wrong but its not the best. Secondly also ignore the way in the new user guide to set your sex and species as well. Lastly going about it this way in my New User Guide will further allow you more access to things such as the Morph Hammer ( Morph #help ) so you can save and create up to a total of ten morphs/forms for yourself at a time. And remember delete those you're no longer using. You can also find more of my work in my User Talk. Simply type my name in the search bar and go!

(-01-)-The First step for new users.

-Okay so you are new to tapestries, you can either go off on your own or be advised by the helpstaff there. Simply type Helpstaff and go from there. Or with the previous option make your way through Tapestries and explore it by doing things yourself. LIKE I WOULD!

(1A)-help @dig( this will tell you how to create yourself a home. If you decide to not do this at this time you can always continue to live in the plaza's homeless shelter where you start off at. If you choose to dig yourself a den its simple. @dig Your Room: EXAMPLE @dig Anuba's Den. When you've done this staring step to your live on Tapestries MUCK it will say Anuba's Den created with numbers blah blah blah. Lets say they are #55723R. To go there and begin setting up your home type T #55723 and poof! You're there and can now start setting up your new home. Wait how do I do that you ask? Easy with my next sub step. 1B


-EDITROOM: What it does. It allows you to turn on your exits, make your room not dark, allows you to live in the room or not, add rooms and action/exits. It also allows you to create more rooms. --- Screen Shot ---

Room Hammer V1.6 (C) 1994 by Triggur
 (with extra minters to Flinters)  
NUMBER   : 55723
1. NAME  : 'Master Bedroom'
2. PROP DESC: 'You stand in the Master bedroom of the house. 
The room itself seams to be alive with power and magic. The bed sits 
right in the middle of the room, It slowly hovers a few inches over the 
floor, next to the foot of a bed is what appears to be a dog but two 
times the normal size. The corner facing the door there lies a black 
Kennel that seams big enough to fit a human or anything in it.. Along 
the West wall lies a small computer desk with a chair, On the desk lies 
a pc but what is on the pc is odd. Each time you look at it you can see 
different people on the screen doing different things.'
3. Room is NOT dark.
4. Throwing is allowed.
5. Linking is NOT allowed.
6. Pets are allowed.
7. Exits are automatically listed.
8. Room can NOT change ownership.
9. Room's parent room is Ground Zero(#144681).
10. This room is NOT publically sweepable.
11. Others can set this room as their homes.
12. Edit this room's exits.
13. Create a new room.
14. Teleport to edit one of your other rooms.
Enter '1' through '14', or 'Q' to QUIT.

--- Enter this Sequence of numbers ---

2 ( Desc Room here ) follow the help in the editor found with .h

3 ( set up your abode so its no longer dark and you can see its contents. )

7 List exits.



--- OR Remotely step by step without the EDITROOM

(1C )@dig Anuba's Den ( #55723 )

(1D) @set #55723=AL

(1E) @set #55723=!D

(1F) @link me=#55723

(1G) @desc #55723=(desc) This describes your new home.

-Now with your new home built, described and set up so its livable. You can create more rooms and link them, there are various ways to do this and you can also do it all remotely as well as I would, but for you new users out there lets keep it simple not even using EDITROOM command.

(02)Step two! Adding a room without EDIT ROOM

(2A) @dig Bedroom ( with numbers #22123 )

(2B) @action (B)ed(r)oom;b;r;bedroom=here

(2C) @set #22123=L

(2D) @link b=#22123

Setting @succ/@osucc mesg(s) optional ----

(2E) @action (A)nuba's(D)en;a;e;den=#22123

Action created with numbers #12222

(2F) @link #12222=#55723

(2G)Describe #22123/Bedroom with/without EDITROOM and done.

(-03-)FINALLY Describing yourself~!

-Okay so now that you have a home set up with a few rooms how they hell do you describe yourself. You can use two methods both easy but I suggest doing the one instead of the other. The other being @desc me. You'll want to use the morph hammer system on this MUCK. Trust me. Much simpler and can lead to less screw-ups between props and whatnot.

(3A)So you're basically still a blank ball of matter right now. Go and open up a note pad now that you have a home and can idle for a while with no one seeing or bugging you. Think up a description that best suits your inner furry. Like a dog or a cat.... Or a Devil. Why not go with something exotic. I suppose you could use a word pad but as long as your client supports spell check go with a notepad instead. It formats better to this MUCK and you can also use it for line breaks and spacing as well.

(3B)Alright so you have a simple description. Begin entering it into the MUCK starting off with EDITPLAYER. EDITPLAYER: What it does. It allows you to use the Morph Hammer System to save and store up to ten different morphs at a time. Plz delete old morphs after using and making new ones! ( Morph #help ) It allows you to set various things such as; Sex, Species, Scent, hand/throw items, fly.. blah blah etc. Screen shot!

Player Hammer V1.3 (C) 1994 by Triggur

Your name is Anuba.
2. Your MPI description is:{eval:{list:white3}}{null:{delay:1,{lit:{nl}
3. Your sex is Female.
4. Your species is Albino Abyssal Devil.
5. You can throw items.
6. Your home is Master Bedroom(#55723).
7. You can hand/be handed items.
8. You can fly.
9. Your smell message is 'Wild flowers; Roses, Lilacs, and Morning 
Glories. With a very feint wisp of Darkness.'.
10. When you speak you see 'You  [...]'.
11. When you speak others see 'Anuba                                   
12. Edit sweep messages.
Enter '2' through '12', or 'Q' to QUIT.

-- Don't really worry about sweep mesg/say mesg(s) just yet. (3C)Enter this number Sequence.

2 ( it will ask you if you want to format/convert. Type Y then enter. ) -- Now in the editor of EDITPLAYER take what you've written on your notepad. Entering it paragraph by paragraph. It should come out well done. .h is also this editor's help system while in the editor. Once you're all done putting in your simple description. Type .end this will bring you back to the set of numbers. Set your sex next.

3 Female/Male/Neuter/Herm/Shemale/ETC.

4 What species are you again? Enter it here.

5 Just push this once please n thank you! Or it resets it so you can not throw items. Skip 6 since you've already set your home.

7 Just like 5 only select this option once.

8 Same as 5 & 7.

9 After selecting this it will prompt that you enter your scent. What do you smell like. Done.

Q (-04-)On to the MORPH-HAMMER system. Morph-Hammer: Allows you to save, alter/change, add and delete Morphs/Forms for your character( Descriptions that you might later come up with for newer more complicated and well written as well as other species you might wish to play. )

-- awww no screen shot. Use the help file! --

(4A)Type Morph #help after completing EDITPLAYER

(4B)Morph #add

(4C)Enter the information for the following prompts to come. Easy peasy.

-- Name of Morph

-- Display Mesg. When you change to that shape/morph/form.

--- Note: Make sure that if you edit an older morph that you save it afterwords before changing to another one or else its edits will be removed. ---

(-05-)WIXXX -What is Wixxx you say? What is(Z) Wi/Wixxx #help This program allows the user to set a series of flags upon themselves to specify their likes and to allow people to view each other's flags. The program actually keeps track of two sets of flags, one is a 'basic' set of flags that you like for when people are viewing crowds (Similar to the original WhatIsZ's set), for more information on setting this list use 'wixxx #basichelp'. The other is a more complex rating series of flags which are rated to show flags you dislike as well as like, for more information on setting this list use 'wixxx #detailhelp'.

(5A)Okay got your notepad still handy. Good type Wi #flags, then select them all and paste onto that notepad. This could get spammy.

(5B)Select which following flags that suit you best, you're looking to find or are interested in learning/experiencing more about.

(5C)Once you've gotten all of your flags I'll save you some time. Just do this.

-- wi #add (flags) you can add them all at once! - Make sure to wixxx yourself so you know they show up as you added them. Just to double check if you've set yourself correctly on your wi'x.

(5D)Custom wixxx flag do you want it or not?

-No I don't, screw that.

-Yes I do, how?

--Easy wi #custom <text> 'Warning' Its only so long of a field you can set too.

(-06-)CINFO!!! this is self explanatory you should have already read my wikiblah about full cinfo set up. BUT IN CASE you haven't and are new. EASY! Character INFO (cinfo) is a program designed to let players make information about their characters avalible to other players. Thisis done by having a number of 'fields', a preset group that is listedby default, and player-selected fields that can be requested on demand.

(6A)cinfo #help ( READ IT )

(6B)Because it really tells you that you needed to type cinfo #help setup instead HAHA! --- Screen Shot(s) ---

The predefined fields may be set with the command:

  cinfo #set <field>=<text>

Use "cinfo #fields" to see what fields are set up on your Muck.

To create your own fields, you simply use the command:

  cinfo #setmisc <fieldname>=<text>

Not giving any text will clear a field of either type. > Fields list: BDSM - A summary of your style, your outlook, and your preferences regarding dominance, submission, sadism, masochism, discipline, bondage, and other kink and fetish sexual contexts. Blog - The URL to your online journal or webpage, if you care to share it. Character - A summary description of your persona or character. Personality, career, friends, family, skills, etc. Email - An email address where the Player can be reached, if you care to share one. Image - The URL to a picture of your character, if one should be available. Player - Whatever you care to share about the Player behind the character. Please, keep it honest if you put something here. Preference - A summary description of your gender/species preferences, if any. Residence - You may mention where your character lives within the MUCK topology. Roleplay - A summary description of your roleplaying preferences, including themes, rating, content (i.e. subject, topic), level of involvement, length of roleplay (scene or soap opera?), and so forth. (6C)Type typeity type-type. DONE!

--- Now you've created a home. Set up your character, described it. Gave it a full wixxx and cinfo. What's next? ---

-simple learn a few cmd's

(01)Say | " ( this lets you speak to others in the same room )

(02)Pose | : ( this lets you pose to others in the same room }

(03)Whisper | W ( this lets you privately speak to others in the same room. )

-- Examples of Whisper

--- A) W Anuba= Hey nice desc.

Anuba whispers to you. " Why thank you. "

--- B) W Anuba=:waves hello. " Nice desc you have. "

Yes in whispers you dont use say, but you still have to pose as you normally would in public.

(04)Page |p -- Same goes for page as whisper. Only difference is that its from afar to someone else not around you or well used in the same room but OOCLY deemed.

W #help & P #help

(05)How to locate the populace and find clubs! -- You can either use LC( my fav. ) or tport #public( bleh ) --- And you're off exploring Tapestries!

(06)How to see who(is)who/what guild/WA(Where At) --WW tells who is in the room you currently are in. (names/species/sexes)

--Who tells who is in the room and who is awake at that time.

--Whospe like WW but you have to type more!

--WG tells like WW but excludes species, lists guild name and rank.

--WA zone based. This action displays rooms and people in those rooms along with statistics for those people.


--WF Wf/watchfor #help. Allows you to watch for someone. Like friends.

--Pwhot/pwho #help Allows you to watch for someone. Like friends who you can put in separate group listing. Much better then WF.

(08)Globals --- Simple and easy. Just type Global, hit enter.

....... BAM! CMD's for the entire MUCK ........

(09)Helpstaff. -- Use it don't abuse it. Plz. Helpful and Friendly Furries.

Displaying List: Helpstaff
Status     Name             Problems Handled
------     ----             ----------------
[Off Duty] Jobany           General questions, no programming.                
[Off Duty] Kymri            Newbie stuff, Descriptions (Player/Room)          
[Idle 54m] Dens             Character setup, simple building, stuff.          
[Off Duty] Galis            General info, building, some programs             
[On Duty ] Cherise          Newbies, building, free verbal abuse              
[Idle 1h ] Kensaro          Char Setup, Building, general knowhow.            
[On Duty ] Shannon          Pretty much anything you need. :)                 
[Off Duty] Anuba            CINFO Anuba Helpstaff                    
[Off Duty] Luna_Rynna       Newbie help, Q&A, assorted basic questions.       
[Idle 1h ] Miyabi           Friendly and helpful!                    
If someone is listed as off duty, PLEASE DO NOT BOTHER THEM.
Idling characters are on duty, but may be slow to respond.

(-07-)That's it to my Full New User's Guide. If you have any questions, comments or even answers to the unknown. Send me a page mail or hell just page me if I am on.

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