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The helpstaff are the volunteer technical support call center for the MUCK. While the wizards will help you with issues such as building and policy violations (harassment, minors, etc) it is the helpstaff who will help you configure your character, create objects, build rooms, learn the various commands on the MUCK (such as smell or leash), use MUF or MPI, etc.


Reaching Helpstaff

On the MUCK, type "helpstaff". You will see a list of online helpstaffers. Choose a helpstaffer marked [On Duty] and page them your question. It is considered polite to inquire first if the helpstaffer has the time and frame-of-mind to assist you, just in case they are busy with something else and have to add you to their queue or direct you to someone else.

Mission of Helpstaff

The mission of helpstaff is not to "know" the answers, but to know how to "get" the answers.

The Helpstaff Charter

The following charter was drafted by early members of the helpstaff community, and approved by JadeWizard.

The helpstaff charter is...
  1. To become familiar with the helpfiles, news files, info files, policy files, wizard cinfos, and websites and other places where instructions on how to use commands and MUCK functions are found, and to do so for the purpose of being able to point those in need of these files in their directions.
  2. To be available (On Duty) at least fifty percent of the time you spend on the MUCK.
  3. To be polite, to be helpful to the best of your ability. If you can not help someone, then be able to direct that someone to another member of helpstaff who hopefully can (get to know your fellow helpstaffers).
  4. To make yourself not available (Off Duty) when you are in a scene, while #havened, or if you plan to be away from your computer. This especially applies if you are in a scene.
  5. Never ever imply that someone is stupid because they don't know something. It is your job as helpstaff to help them learn something.
  6. Set a good example. As helpstaff, you are perceived as a model citizen with special status on the MUCK. People will be observing you. Give them something positive to observe - even when you are listed as "Off Duty".
  7. Never impersonate a wizard or imply that you have wizard authority. The role of helpstaff is to provide assistance with FAQs, building, programming, help resources, and other technical issues. It is not the responsibility of helpstaff members to participate in peacekeeping or arbitration. Members of helpstaff must direct user conflicts to wizard staff, and not attempt to handle it themselves. Doing so is grounds for immediate removal from helpstaff.
  8. Helpstaffers are encouraged to avoid publicly advertising (read: flaunting) their membership in helpstaff. We are an organization of neutral technical support assistants. In order to be able to effectively perform this role, we as helpstaff must avoid politics.
  9. You are the "learned" on Tapestries. Uphold that perception with professionalism and with a willingness to help and get answers.
  10. Treat your fellow helpstaff members with professionalism and respect. They are your colleagues.

Technical Support Only

If you belong to helpstaff you are probably a helpful person, and want to help people with all sorts of things, like roleplaying, description-writing, social tips and tricks, BDSM lessons, etc. However, while you are "On Duty" and acting in your official helpstaff capacity, please do not offer help with anything other than technical support. You are welcome to offer any kind of advice "Off Duty" and under your own personal banner, of course!

How to Become a Member of Helpstaff

Want to give back to the community? We could use the help! As a member of helpstaff, you need to be an expert in navigating the helpfiles, news files, info files, policy files, wizard cinfos, and website. Your job is to teach everyone else how to RTFM. This means that you do not need to know answers. Instead, you need to know where and how to find the answers. (No, paging a wizard is not one of these ways.) You will teach others how to find the answers for themselves. Your primary job is to direct them to helpfiles, URLs, and other resources.

Your commitments:

  • Please be available (On Duty) at least fifty percent of the time you spend on the MUCK.
  • Please remember you are a volunteer -- if you get sick of it and find yourself off duty all the time, you can just quit. No hard feelings.
  • Please understand that helpstaff is technical support. It is not the responsibility of helpstaff to participate in policy-related matters.
  • Please understand that it can be a thankless job; but JadeWizard will deeply appreciate your community spirit.

THE MISSION OF HELPSTAFF IS NOT TO "KNOW" THE ANSWERS, BUT TO KNOW HOW TO "GET" THE ANSWERS. If you have read and agree to these terms, please submit a request with the request system. Please include a brief description of your qualifications and the name of the character(s) you would like to be on the helpstaff roster. Depending upon your qualifications, you may or may not be given a brief entrance "quiz" before you are welcomed to the staff core. Thank you!

How to Report Problems with Helpstaff

If you feel that a member of the technical support helpstaff is behaving inappropriately (i.e. against their charter) please use the request command to communicate the problem to the wizards. The command is 'request #submit text'.

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