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Tapestries MUCK was founded in October of 1991. It was originally hosted on an account provided by WikiFur:Shaterri. The original owners of the Muck were WhiteFire and Taisia.

The MUCK was originally a muti-themed Muck with the Cloud Castle it's original gathering point, in which resided the Hall of Tapestries that gave access to the various realms that the Muck hosted.


Fall of the Realms

Like most muti-realm TinyMuds, one realm grew to slowly take over the population of the Muck. It was WhiteFire's "Furry Valley". Over time the other realms fell out of use and were removed, and the Muck's official core moved to the valley.

Rise of Adult Play

Originally the Muck was general themed, and adult themes were restricted to private areas and a few public places on the Muck, such as the Pleasure Dome in Layleaux. Eventually the decision was made for the Muck to become fully adult, and the age policy instituted. Shortly thereafter the Guest account was removed because of problems making certain they agreed to the age policy.

Human Genocide

Due to various problems with humans on Tapestries trying to turn the Muck into a general-adult system, and the regular abuse of Furry characters by humans, playing a human was banned on the Muck, and the remaining humans given time to change or leave. Shortly thereafter there was a purge of human characters.

Taisia Retires

Taisia retired and left WhiteFire sole ownership of the Muck.

Colored Wizards

It was decided that to help maintain impartiality on the part of the wizards that the wizard functions would be moved to 'role accounts', in the format of ColorWizard. The owner became WhiteWizard, and the other wizards at the time assumed different colors.

The new colored wizard accounts remained anonymous to give them protection from harassment in real life and as their normal characters.

This article is lacking dates other than the origin of the Muck. It's also missing a lot of server moves, and other things. The order of events may not even be perfect. This happened over a period of 15 years. If anyone has any information that can help clarify this, please talk about it on the talk page, or edit the article if you have references to cite for the changes.
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