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Layleaux (lay low) is the first and most populated town on Curuoskar, commonly known as Tapestries. It is directly linked to the Cloud Castle, the original hub of trade with other worlds, and still remains the de facto capitol of the world.



Layleaux was settled by a mix of people from several other worlds. Some arrived entirely by accident, others by choice, seeking to escape one thing or another where they came from.


The government of Layleaux only exists to provide basic utilities and maintenance to the town. Its only law enforcement branch is extremely lax because of the overall protection the town is granted by mysterious spirits who are OOCly represented by the Wizards of the muck. They intervene quietly when there is a threat to the town or world. The government is pretty much unseen unless you seek out their offices, and they prefer to remain that way. They are sponsored by the local businesses that like to keep things running smoothly.

Social Norms

In most cases, the social norms are your business is your business unless you harm the people as a whole. People simply mind their own business unless they are personally threatened in almost all cases. Attempts at creating a more ordered society has been attempted, and universally failed. With the mixed backgrounds of the town's inhabitants, consensus on other social norms proved to be nearly impossible.

The one thing that stuck in Layleaux proper was a distaste for the appearance of technology, or very showy magic use. The town's outward appearance is thus rather rustic. This eventually drove those of a more modern bent to form Chehon when space travel became semi-regular.

Notable Places

  • Fox Plaza (t plaza) - Fox Plaza has become the central gathering point for Layleaux due to it's location in the center of town. It is also close to the government offices to the north, and the stockades.
  • Castro Street Circle (t castro) - Gathering spot on Castro street with several well known establishments.
  • Wyvren Park (t wyvernpark) - A park.
  • Ruins of the Pleasure Dome (t dome) - Once the center of naughty play, it has fallen into disuse and ruin, though things still lurk here.

Public Establishments

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