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Look on Tapestries is a MUF program that introduces a number of features that the built in look command does not.


look [at] [<object> [on|in|= <object>]]
look at <player>['s] <object>
look #help [<subject>]

In it's most basic usage, the command look by itself will simply give the description of the room you are in. Given a name, such as look player, it will give you the description of the player if they are in the same room you are in. You can also look at things, exits, and programs.

You can also look at an object that another player is holding if it is set remote lookable, with a command like look at thatguy's button to view the object "button" in the inventory of "thatguy".

Where exits are set transparent, you can look at objects in another room with a command like look at thatguy in north, which will look at "thatguy"'s description in the room north of where you are.

Remote Viewing

The following properties control the remote viewing of objects:

  • _remote_look?:yes|no - On an object it defines if it can be looked at remotely. On a person, it defines that for his/her whole inventory.
  • _remote_desc:<desc> - On an object this is displayed in place of the actual description if the object is remotely looked.

Transparent Exits

Exits may be made transparent, allowing users to see 'through' them. On any transparent exit the description is displayed first, and then the following fields of the destination room: name, description, success/fail and then contents.

To turn this feature on you:

@set <exit>=_look_transparent?:yes

You can also control what of the room is displayed with:

@set <exit>=_show:[n][d][s][c]


  • n - name
  • d - description
  • s - success
  • c - contents

Default is to have all turned on.

Further you can allow a player to look at objects in the destination room by setting the exit:

@set <exit>=_look_through?:yes

Allowing the user to:

look <object> on <exit>

Having "_remote_look?:no" on the room disallows this feature.


Details can be created that you can look at simply by setting a property on the room you want to contain the thing. The syntax is:

@set here=_details/<detail-name>[;<detail-name>...]:<description>
  • <detail-name> is the name you would look at, may have more than one, separated by semicolons. (like exits)
  • <description> is what you will see, you may use desc programs such as @8 to enhance these objects or MPI.

Details may also be created on players and other objects, and looked at with the look at <thing> on <object> syntax.

As of 1.1.9 partial names can he used to look at details.

Look Notify

When an object that you own is looked at, you can be notified of that fact. This includes yourself.

The following messages can be set on an object that will tell you when a look happens, they may be set to either yes, no or a message, yes will get you the default message. The props are:

  • _look/notify - Tell you if the object is looked at.
  • _look/notify-contents - Tell you if something in the objects contents is looked at.
  • _look/notify-looker - Tell you if the object you looked at has a look notify.

The message may contain the following special strings:

  • %obj - Name of the object being looked at.
  • %name - Name of the looker, OR the name of the owner of the object in a _look/notify-looker message.
  • %on - In a _look/notify-looker message, the name of the 'container'.


@set me=_look/notify:yes
@set me=_look/notify:## %name looked at you!

Sleeper Display

You may set a room, or group of rooms, so that sleeping players don't show up in the contents of the room. This is done by setting the property: _look/dark-sleepers?:yes

In either the room or its environment. Players may override this by setting the same property on them selfs to either yes or no.

Awake Display

You may set it so you see a [awake] or [asleep] after people in a rooms contents by setting the property:

@set me=_look/notify-awake:yes

Zombies show as '<awake or asleep> <owner>'. Note: Zombies are disabled on Tapestries MUCK.


LOOK Version 1.1.9 by WhiteFire
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