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lsedit is a simple editor used for editing lists in a relatively friendly manner. To invoke lsedit you simply type "lsedit <what you want edited>=<name of list>". You can have a list stored on yourself, an object you own, an action you own, or a room you own. Some people feel it is easiest to edit your list in notepad and use copy/paste to get it back to the muck, deleting the entire list each time they update it.

The .h command can be used in lsedit to output a list of commands, that list is below:

          MUFedit Help Screen.  Arguments in [] are optional.
    Any line not starting with a '.' is inserted at the current line.
Lines starting with '..', '."' , or '.:' are added with the '.' removed.
-------  st = start line   en = end line   de = destination line  -------
 .end                    Exits the editor with the changes intact.
 .abort                  Aborts the edit.
 .h                      Displays this help screen.
 .i [st]                 Changes the current line for insertion.
 .l [st [en]]            Lists the line(s) given. (if none, lists all.)
 .p [st [en]]            Like .l, except that it prints line numbers too.
 .del [st [en]]          Deletes the given lines, or the current one.
 .copy [st [en]]=de      Copies the given range of lines to the dest.
 .move [st [en]]=de      Moves the given range of lines to the dest.
 .find [st]=text         Searches for the given text starting at line start.
 .repl [st [en]]=/old/new  Replaces old text with new in the given lines.
 .join [st [en]]         Joins together the lines given in the range.
 .split [st]=text        Splits given line into 2 lines.  Splits after text
 .left [st [en]]         Aligns all the text to the left side of the screen.
 .center [st [en]]=cols  Centers the given lines for cols screenwidth.
 .right [st [en]]=col    Right justifies to column col.
 .indent [st [en]]=cols  Indents or undents text by cols characters
 .format [st [en]]=cols  Formats text nicely to cols columns.
---- Example line refs:  $ = last line, . = curr line, ^ = first line. ----
12 15 (lines 12 to 15)    5 $ (line 5 to last line)    ^+3 6 (lines 4 to 6)
.+2 $-3 (curr line + 2 to last line - 3)     5 +3 (line 5 to curr line + 3)

An example of using lsedit to edit an existing list is below, creating a new one can be done in the same manner:

lsedit me=description
<    Welcome to the list editor.  You can get help by entering '.h'     >
< '.end' will exit and save the list.  '.abort' will abort any changes. >
<    To save changes to the list, and continue editing, use '.save'     >
< Insert at line 2 >
this isan example description
< listed 1 lines starting at line 1 >
.del 1 99
< deleting 2 lines starting at line 1  (Now current line) >
This is an example description
< List saved. >
< Editor exited. >
< list saved. >
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