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PPU2014 Policy Glossary

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This is primarily a list of terms that are used heavily throughout the policies and commonly on the muck. Most of them are defined elsewhere.

There are many terms that are common usage on the muck, and are also used in these policies. This document is an attempt to clearly define these terms in a central location.

General Terms

  • Roleplay (RP) - Roleplay is the act of assuming a false persona or identity for the purposes of entertainment; one part creative writing, one part acting, and one part playing make-believe. A roleplayer is an individual who enjoys the creative pursuit of creating a character -- giving it a unique backstory, talents, flaws, and personality -- and seeing how that character interacts with the characters that other people have created, typically within the context of another world and culture. Fostering an environment where characters of many different backgrounds can interact is one of the primary missions of Tapestries MUCK.
  • In Character (IC) - Refers to something that is entirely within the made-up world of the characters. A person who is IC is roleplaying their character and is responding as the character would, rather than how they personally would respond. Worlds, objects, settings, histories, and events can also be IC. A person who is IC is adhering to MUCK and zone themes, and their character generally does not react to information they couldn't realistically know.
  • Out Of Character (OOC) - This is the opposite of IC; it means that the subject under discussion doesn't pertain to the in-game character world. Since everyone's "physical" form on the MUCK is furry, this generally means that you're acting as you -- as a player -- would if you had fur. OOC interactions tend to be more casual; Fox Plaza is an example of a primarily OOC area.
  • Real Life (RL) - Commonly used to refer to life outside of any form of roleplaying and any computer enviroment. It can also mean that a person is being 100% Out Of Character and is acting as they would if they were in a chatroom or standing in front of you.
  • No Contact Order (NCO)
  • Harassment
  • Wizards
  • Policy
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