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Several terms must first be understood, see Real Life, In Character, Out Of Character, No Contact Order (NCO) and Harassment.

Harassment, in general, comes down to a lack of consent. It is important to show the same respect to people online that you do offline. Please think about what you are saying to other people, especially when you are angry or disturbed.

There are IC situations where such behavior may be an important part of a roleplay, however, you must establish the OOC/Real Life consent of all parties involved. Do not assume that your actions will be taken IC.

Some forms of harassment are covered in Policy Public Conduct. This document discusses additional and directed issues.

This is a list of some of the types of harassment that the wizards will take action on:

  • Not respecting a Safeword. - If someone tells you OOC (Out Of Character) to stop what you are doing with them, especially by use of safeword, then you are obligated to do so. If you are uncertain if is an OOC or IC request, it is your responsibility to find out. Ask. If you are making this request, make certain that you specify that it is an OOC statement to help avoid confusion. See also policy safeword.
  • Not leaving someone alone when requested to. - If someone tells you OOC that they desire you not to interact with them, then you are obligated to respect their wishes. As these are OOC requests, that includes any alternate characters you have as well. When making such a request, make it clear that you are speaking OOC. Also, you must yourself stop interacting with the person that you requested not to talk to you.
  • Attacking someone's sexuality, lifestyle, kinks, gender or religion. - This is covered in Policy Public Conduct, but doing these things privately and/or directly to someone is also actionable.
  • Continuing slander and/or public personal attacks. - The use of public rooms and bulletin boards to carry out personal attacks will not be tolerated. Not only is it a harassment problem, but it detracts from uninvolved people's ability to enjoy the muck. See Policy Public Conduct as well. This includes the Tapestries MUCK Forums and other FUR.COM forums.
  • Miscellaneous abusive behavior. - Again read the definition of Harassment.

What to do if you are being harassed?

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel you are being harassed, a lot of the time it can be resolved by all parties involved getting away from each other for a while and calming down. Almost all such situations are misunderstandings of one sort or another.

If, however, this does not help, or the parties can not be separated for whatever reason, then there are a few steps that you need to try before contacting a wizard:

  1. Tell the person, clearly, that you do not wish the treatment, and make it clear that it is an RL/OOC request.
  2. If this does not work, tell the person to leave you alone, again in the same clear RL/OOC way. You should not at this point continue interacting with them yourself. All requests for no contact apply to both parties.
  3. If you feel you would have a hard time ignoring them, "page #ignore [player]" and "whisper #ignore [player]". You may also wish to use your client's ability to filter output from them, if available. Look for the terms "gag" and "ignore" in your client's documentation.
  4. If the problems persist after these steps, use the request system to describe your problem, and request a official No Contact Order (NCO).
  5. If someone violates an Official NCO, do NOT respond to them. Contact a wizard instead.

Requesting an NCO is a last resort. At the point you have done that, it becomes hard to "make up", because it requires a wizard to remove the order. That can only be done by asking a wizard to ask the other party if they are willing to have the order dropped.

See also Policy Roleplaying and TinySex and Policy Public Conduct.

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