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We believe that privacy is a very important part of making a safe play space.

However, to know you have that privacy, you first must trust your Wizards. To that end, we believe that we need to provide information on what sort of access we can have.

Abilities specific to Tapestries wizards:

  • Command Logging - A restricted set of the wizards have access to a command log of all commands entered on the system. These logs are kept for the last fourteen days, partly due to the size they grow to. At this time only three wizards have this access.
  • Real Name - This is no longer gathered as it only serves as a privacy hazard. Former entries in the database have been changed to 'N/A' as of 2/5/2015, though the names may continue to exist in backups for some time.
  • Email Address - Your email address is stored on your character in a wizard-only property.
  • IP Address and connection times - This is stored in a status log that is kept indefinatly and is only accessable by wizards. It is primarly used to identify alts of problem users.

Wizards on Tapestries should not access information about you except as required for them to do their job. This includes actions such as reviewing harassment complaints, debugging server problems, and other policy enforcement and maintenance.

Wizards on Tapestries are selected for their abilities to show restraint. While no person or organization is perfect, we believe we do a good job of this.

Attempting to hide this information from the wizards may result in punitive action. While we will not persue users for using services that anonamize IPs and email accounts (except for TOR which is banned), any IP or email account used in a violation of the policies of the Muck will result in everyone from that IP address and email address being treated as the same person. Use such services at your own risk.

See also Policy Privacy and Players.

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