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Tapestries MUCK's mission, as stated in Policy Mission Statement, touches on areas that are sensitive to the population of the Muck, and seeks to encourage the exploration of these sensitive topics.

Therefor public conduct needs to be a bit more careful and polite than in many forums. This is especially true on issues that are core to the Muck's mission such as sexuality, kinks, and people's roleplaying skills.

  • Attacks on Sexuality - Attacks on peoples sexual orientation, choice of IC gender or related matters will simply not be tolerated. Ever.
  • Attacks on Kinks - Judgmental and teasing statements about people's kinks, IC or OOC, should just not be made. OOC such statements can be a major threat to the security and comfort of people who are exploring uncertain ground, and even IC remarks are much to easy to misread and take wrong.
  • Attacks on Roleplaying - You should not tease or be judgmental about how other people roleplay, be it about someone's wording, how they roleplay, how they spell, their lack of punctuation, or anything else.
  • Attacks on Species - While some stereotyping and teasing about species is expected as part of roleplay, this can easily go too far. It is also ALWAYS too far when negative statements about the player's choice of species are made.

There are also other anti-social behaviors which, while not threatening directly to the mission of the Muck, are a Public Nuisance, and will not be tolerated. They include (but is not limited to) excessive acts of:

  • Angsting - About most anything.
  • Character Assassination - Badmouthing people in public is a real damper.
  • Violence - Verbal or physical, IC or OOC, outside of what is reasonable in a scene. See policy roleplaying and policy harassment for more information.
  • Trolling - Attempting to incite an argument.
  • Griefing - Taking actions with the sole or primary intent of causing another player OOC grief.
  • Spamming - Dumping large amounts of text to a room that causes it to be difficult to interact with others as well as public or unprompted solicitations for real-life money, goods or services.
  • Attacks on Religion or Race - Discussion of sexuality, lifestyles, and/or religion is appropriate. Antagonism and attack is not. Everyone's choices in these matters are their own business as long as it does not include nonconsentually interfering with other people. This includes acting out feelings of intolerance and hatred, IC or OOC.
  • Or any other disruptive behavior.

There are also some forms of play that, while within the mission of the Muck, are restricted. See Policy Roleplaying and TinySex for more details. Interactions directly with other players, public and private, are covered in policy harassment.

Punishment for offenses of this policy will range from warnings to immediate removal and banning from the Muck. How harsh the punishment is will depend on the following factors: malicious intent, threat to the mission of the Muck, and any past history of problems.

See also Policy Harassment, Policy Roleplaying and TinySex, Policy Illegal Activities.

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