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Unfortunately any group of people that grow past a certain size requires some form of law, such as these documents, and finally, enforcement of that law.

This document is meant to give you an idea of the types of punitive measures that are available to the Tapestries MUCK wizards, and the escalation of punishment. These are guidelines, and certain actions may require special punishments or skipping portions of the path.

While we would like to be as gentle as possible with people, we must maintain the usefulness of the muck to it's intended audience. We also do not have unlimited time to deal with problem users.

The normal escalation path

  1. Warning - A simple warning given to a player that some action they are taking is not OK.
  2. Stockades - The wizards have the ability to send people to a "stockade" for a period of days. While serving their sentence, a character will not be able to interact with people who do not chose to come see them at the stockades.
  3. Toading - Removal of one or more characters owned by a player. This is a harsh punishment that destroys all property owned by the characters in question, and the character itself, requiring the person to register their character and start over.
  4. Banning - This includes the total removal of a players characters, and the demand that they do not return. Banned people will be actively denied access to the muck, possibly on a permanent basis. Measures can include rejecting new character requests, removing characters that are found to have snuck by or who have been given to the player, all the way to contacting their ISP and legal action in very extreme cases.

Examples of other punishments

  • Purging - Removing all objects owned by a character. Commonly used to resolve violations of the building policy.
  • Denial of Building Privileges - Also commonly used in cases of violations of Building Policy.
  • Denial of a Character Name - We have occasionally toaded characters and created a dummy character to make the name inaccessible. Sometimes this is done for the protection of the party involved.
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