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If you feel you need the assistance of a wizard, or have questions you should use the Request System.

If you have a situation where you can not log into the Muck, you can email the wizards at [1] or use the Forums.

If you feel the issue is something you want to discuss privately with the head wizard, such as an escalation, you may page #mail WhiteWizard, or email [2].

For common building, MUF, and such questions you may get a faster response from the helpstaff, see the "helpstaff" command for a list of these volunteers.

If the Wizards request to speak to you to perform their duties, you should not ignore them, be polite and out of character. Failure to do so may result in punitive actions.

A wizard's effectiveness is severely compromised if their identity is know, and they tend to burn out if they can no longer enjoy the muck themselves. They deserve their privacy and freedom from harassment as much as you do. Thus:

  • Contacting characters that are not listed in "wizzes" about wizard matters believing that they are an "alternate" character of a wizard is forbidden, and should only be done if there is a dire muck wide emergency.
  • Speaking to people about who you know or suspect to be the "alternate" characters of a wizard or their real life identities is also forbidden.

The wizards are unfortunately not as available as they would like to be, partly because they are under staffed, partly because they are merely volunteers themselves with their own lives. Please be understanding about this.

While most wizards remain anonymous, it is felt that the head wizard, WhiteWizard, needs to be identifiable, so that you have some idea who is running the show. As such it is well known that WhiteFire is WhiteWizard. However, this is still not a reason to contact the character WhiteFire in-game about wizard matters any more than another wizard's alt that you may know about or suspect.

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