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Proposed Policy Update 2014

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Editor's Note

The following is a proposed update to the current MUCK policies. Nothing here is official.

About the Policies

The policies are nothing short of a contract that the user agrees to abide by. Failure to do so may lead to loss of privileges or even termination of your account. They can also be looked at as an Acceptable Use Policy, or just plain rules that guests of the system are expected to follow.

The purpose of the policies are to help provide a consensual, enjoyable experience on this system, by giving guidelines for what is considered socially acceptable behavior as well as defining the wizard's expectations of the users.

While the policies try to be reasonably comprehensive, we know we can not cover every possible situation. Therefore the wizards will try and uphold the spirit of these policies rather than the letter of them.

The next step is to look at PPU2014 Policy Mission Statement for an overview of what the muck is about.

From there you should read PPU2014 Policy Glossary for a list of terms used in these policies, and then see the index below for a list of what policies Tapestries MUCK has. You should be familiar with all of them.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the wizards within the muck with the in game Request System. For alternalte methods of contact, please see Contacting Us.

Note: The policies were originally broken up to facilitate easy reading on the Muck. As such they are arranged in many small chunks. That may be fixed in the future now that they are exclusively web published.

Policy Index

PPU2014 Policy BuilderPolicies on building on Tapestries.
PPU2014 Policy Change LogChanges to the policies by version.
PPU2014 Policy GlossaryGlossary of terms for the policies.
PPU2014 Policy HarassmentStrong non-harassment policy.
PPU2014 Policy HumansHumans, elves and other soft-skins.
PPU2014 Policy Illegal ActivitiesIllegal Activities not tolerated.
PPU2014 Policy Lost PasswordsWhat you must do to recover a password.
PPU2014 Policy Mission StatementMission Statement for the Muck.
PPU2014 Policy MuckerPolicy on access to MUF programming.
PPU2014 Policy Privacy and PlayersOur wishes on granting people privacy.
PPU2014 Policy Privacy and WizardsYour privacy in relation to wizards.
PPU2014 Policy Public ConductRules for public conduct.
PPU2014 Policy PunitivePunitive measures that can be taken.
PPU2014 Policy PurgeWhen characters will be purged for inactivity.
PPU2014 Policy RegistrationHow to get a character.
PPU2014 Policy Roleplaying and TinySexRoleplaying in public, what is okay and not.
PPU2014 Policy SafewordWhat it is, how to use.
PPU2014 Policy ThemeDescription of the IC Environment.
PPU2014 Policy ToadingHow characters are removed from the system.
PPU2014 Policy WizardsHow to contact the wizards.


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