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Existing building applications

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I agree with some of these things. However, I can really only speak for my area of responsibility, which is the RP area. The building is a means to an end for me, and the RP region, when the time comes, will require a certain amount of "startup" real-estate to give a variety of roleplay settings.

In general, WhiteWizard is the building wizard and building in the main areas of Tapestries, and we haven't discussed where the responsibility for the new region's building will fall once it's set up. I can broach the topic with him if you like or you can submit a request linking to this talk page and asking about the building queue. That might be best.

Sorry I can't be of more help in this at this time. :(

TealWizard23:56, 7 October 2014

Thanks for the reply - and it's OK, I know it's not your area of responsibility. It's just kinda frustrating to see progress, but not in the areas you care about. :-)

I do hope the RP region works out, as I'm sure there are many people who'll be interested in it.

GreenKai00:52, 8 October 2014

Understandable! Still, I'm hoping by spearheading some of this RP stuff that's been kicked around off and on for years and by keeping on top of the request queue, I'll free up whatever time White has to handle things like server improvements and the building queue. (Though, once the server software is replaced with modern code and a modern architecture, the idea is to have a less clunky, less hands-on building authorization process, or maybe to obsolete the queue entirely. You'll need to talk to White for details, though. I may have this wrong.)

It's still pretty early yet, keep in mind. I only started at the end of August. Hopefully as time goes on I'll become more effective and that'll free up White even more.

TealWizard06:39, 8 October 2014

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