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TealWizard's primary purpose is to promote story-driven roleplay on Tapestries MUCK through the implementation of a new RP-focused area.

Chehon Region In 140 Characters Or Less

The Chehon region will be a theme-based RP area with IC/OOC separation, where ICA=ICC, and where RP contibutes to a central plotline.

Chehon Region Status


Draft map of Chehon core building.
  • October 3 Update
    • Review of existing policies.
    • New "Policy Roleplay" draft is in closed review.
    • Secured partnership with Chitter for inclusion of the Lutrai Isle in the new region.
    • Acquired permission from Ollie Canal to include the Lutrai in the core theme documentation of the region.
  • October 7 Update
    • Chehon region theme info has a completed first draft.
      • I've started editing the document based on the input of my closed reviewers.
    • "Policy Roleplay" document seems to be pretty well-received by my test audience.

To do

  • Write formal mission statement.
  • Dot the I's and cross the T's on the remaining policy documents.
    • Should be pretty easy; I'm stealing most of the existing ones and stripping out a lot of the IC restrictions, basically.
  • Split theme info out into multiple linked pages; this is a wiki. Treat it like one.
  • Begin building process.
  • Begin courting zones for possible transfer (ones that are very RP-centric; see, temple and school).
  • Get a building queue set up for Chehon region. Fast-track the first twenty good applications or so.
  • Coding
    • WA-indexer
      • Get info from zone owners about desired functionality
      • Implement anything that's reasonable.
      • Avoid crashing the MUCK.
  • Building
    • Get a solid handle on the zone-lock, zone-admin, etc stuff.
      • Like, apparently you need cross-zone exits to have the Zombie flag set. Good to know.

Good ideas that people have had (add to this if you want though I'll delete it if it's not good. :3)

  • Balus -> put a retcon board in a central location so people know what stuff has been affected by retconny stuff.
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