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Building practices designed to make the core grid consistent.

There is a lot that can and should be added to this document.


The "out" Exit

Typing "out" or "o" should always move you closer to the point that your area is linked into the Core building, such that continued typing of "out" will get you back to that point.

Intercepting Globals

Commands built into the Muck, or in the Globals list should not be overwritten with local commands, with the following exceptions:

  • say, pose, and spoof - These may be intercepted to work with seating systems. They may also be intercepted in the location of your public teleport pattern to encourage people to move inside the establishment. (See the Fox Plaza teleport booth for an example.)
  • rules, map - These may be replaced entirely. Rules must still print your area's rules.
  • whospecies (ws), whodoing (wd) - These may be replaced by programs that provide the same functionality. It is required they list everyone in the room. This is commonly done to add a "role" or "position" column. NOTE: This will eventually be supported in the base command and this may change at that time.
  • WhereAre (wa) - This is just an alias for LC and may be overridden. Commonly this is done to provide a local listing of who is in what public rooms.
  • other - You must seek wizard approval for any other globals you wish to override.


Descriptions should be spell checked, and use reasonable English grammar. If you have difficulty with English, please enlist software or a friend to help you here.

They should also be kept to a reasonable length when possible.

  • Important Rooms: 1000-2000 characters (half to a full 80x24 screen)
  • Minor Connecting Rooms: about 500 characters (1/4 of a full 80x24 screen)

If you have more detail than can fit on a single page, try using "details". Mention the names of the details in your description surrounded by []. Such as "There is a [desk] here."

Obvious Exits

Obvious exits should be displayed unless there is a very good reason not to (such as a puzzle, for example.) The standard way is with the obvious exits program. You can use the program simply with "@succ here=@9". You can find out more in gen-obv-exits' documentation.

Where Are

Where Are support should be provided in zones to help people find where others are.

Parent Rooms

All public building will require and be provided a parent room as a container for all their other rooms. Areas that wish a LC listing will need to subdivide their public rooms from their private rooms.

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