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This document is in very early stages... WIP.

This includes buildings that are intended to an accessible gathering places for a significant portion of the Muck's population. Such building needs to support the Mission of the Muck, and the mission and theme of the area that it is built within (Layleaux or Chehon).


Requirements for Public Building

Since building has to be restricted, what new building is allowed is for the good of the public and the mission of the Muck. It must meet these requirements:

  1. A Public area must fit within the Mission of the Muck.
  2. A Public area must be accessible to to all users of the Muck.
  3. A Public area must follow good building practices.
  4. A Public area must have a clearly defined mission and theme.

This section details some of the high level requirements for Public areas.

Fit Within the Mission of the Muck

Public areas must fit within the stated Mission of the Muck. This can be found on the front page of this Wiki.

Be Accessible to All Users

All Public building must be usefully accessible to all users of the Muck. While you may cater to specific roleplays and kinks, you may not restrict people from accessing your areas with out having to making modifications to their characters.

Clearly Defined Mission and Theme

Your Public area should have a clearly established Mission Statement and/or Theme that is conspicuously posted, especially at the entrance to your area. This should give a good idea what the area caters to, both in Role-play, kinks, and socialization. (This is commonly included with the rules.)

Public Area Rules

This section documents what sort of rules a Public area may have. All public areas however must have clearly posted rules, even if they are simply "follow the rules of the muck/region."


Public areas should have their rules and theme posted. These rules should be as clear and concise as reasonably possible. They should detail what behaviors are not allowed within the area, and any special behaviors that are expected. It should especially spell out any differences between what is permitted in relation to the Role-playing policy.

The rules must be available through a "rules" command anywhere within your area. You may either use the global rules command, or write your own.

Limitations on Public Area Rules

The most basic limitation is, with only a few exceptions, you may not restrict or allow behavior outside of what the Muck policies allow. Some specific points are covered below.

  • You may restrict certain kinks and sexual acts within your area. However, these restrictions must allow for basic sexual and D/s play at a minimum in all areas.
  • You may allow kinks that are otherwise not allowed in Policy Roleplaying and TinySex. If you do so you must make it very clear that this is the case. If it is global to your building it should be in the rules. If it is specific to a room or set of rooms, it should be clearly posted in those rooms and mentioned in the rules.
  • You may establish rules of conduct for people choosing to take a IC role or position. However, taking one of these roles must not be required to make use of the area.
  • You may not restrict characters from entering your area based on gender, species, sexuality, IC age, or other attributes that are legal in the rest of the Muck.
  • You may not require a dress code, though you may suggest one to help fit in with the roleplay of the area.
  • You may not restrict rooms to a subset of the Muck's population with these exceptions:
    • Small Administrative areas for Admins only.
    • Private residences connected to your area.
    • Lockable side rooms that people may go sequester themselves in for private roleplaying.
  • You may restrict OOC behaviors and discussion. You may NOT restrict OOC discussions that are part of negotiating a scene or role-play.
  • You may not have rooms that are OOC only.

Wizard Approval of Rules

Rules for a Public area must be approved by the wizards, as must any changes to these rules. This is to verify compliance with this document and the Mission of the Muck. Initial approval will come with a request for public status, desired changes must be discussed via the request system.


Building that does get a teleport pattern and/or LC listing (thus consuming resources in those listings and being publicly advertised). Must be accessible to all character types.

May be reclaimed/reassigned by the Wizards as they believe required.

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