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WA-indexer.muf(#95921FLM3) is a publicly available MUF implementation of the WA program.

Note that this program is considerably less CPU intensive than the MPI versions floating around, so if this one will do what you want, we would recommend you use it instead.

Example output:

Room                   Name             Sex    Species                Status
Fox Plaza              Yip              Male   Vixen                  Idle 34s
Fox Plaza              Grrrrrr          Male   Quadruped Dragon       Idle 28s
Fox Plaza              BlahBlah         Male   Ferret                 Idle 20s
Game Pool              My_Name_Is_Long  male   Fox                    Idle 1m
Dragon's Way           Aggbad           Male   Kangaroo               Idle 3m
In a Stockade          Roci_Stone       male   Mephit Maximus Pendori Asleep

Basic Setup

First you need to create the wa action itself. Usually you want this in the parent room of your area.

@action wa=#<parentroom dbref>,#95921

Next you need to give the WA program a list of rooms to scan for it's display. This is done with lsedit, generating a list with one dbref per line.

lsedit wa=_rooms 

Advanced Setup

This program is quite advanced, and has a number of other useful features.

For rooms you don't own

To get counts for rooms that you don't own, you will need to setup a password that your wa program and the rooms will share. First set it on the wa action you created.

@set wa=_wa_allowed_key:changethispassword

Next the owner of the room you want to scan must set the same property, except on the room. When they are in the room, they can type:

@set here=_wa_allowed_key:changethispassword

List seperators

If the program finds a line that doesn't start with a #, it will print that line literally to the user. Since it processes rooms in order, this can be used for seperators, etc.

In these lines, a %l will be substituted for the number of lively furs counted up to that point, and %t the same for both awake and asleep furs. Counters are rest to 0 upon each display.

Column control

Which columns show up can be customized by setting a _custom prop on the action with space seperated keywords, in order you want them in. Keywords can be: room player sex species status

Idle times

The Status field can show idle times. Just set a prop on the action of _idle_cutoff to the number of seconds of idle before it shows.


If you want the sleepers to not show up on the listings, then just @set <action>=_skip_sleepers?:yes Remove the prop to turn off. You can set this prop on individual rooms to shut off sleepers showing up for just that room.

Room name trimming

You can set _cutoff_char on the action and then only the portion of room names after that string in the name will be shown. This is useful if your rooms are named in the fassion of "My Place: Front Room" to trim it down to "Front Room" by:

@set wa=_cutoff_char::


( WA scanner -- by Nightwind -- 06/04/01 )
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