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| Likes creatures lacking of anthropomorphic traits in a sexual way.
| Likes creatures lacking of anthropomorphic traits in a sexual way.
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flag brief description
 ! no The flag following is disliked. Used in the verbose mode.
a available Available either for sexual play or relationships.
ag anything-goes Willing to do most anything.
age ageplay Roleplay involving underage characters.
an anal Anal penetration
ap avian-preferred Preference for birds and other avians.
aq aquatic Preference for aquatic species.
bi bisexual Sexually attracted to both genders.
bit biting May range from nipping to damaging.
blo blood Scenes involving bloodletting.
bod body-modification Permanent changes to the body, such as tattooing, piercing, scarring, etc.
bon bondage Restraints.
bot bottom Receiving in S/M type scenes.
brc breath-control Breath being controlled by another.
brd breeding Roleplaying impregnation.
bt boots Worshiping boots.
cas castration Removal of the testicles.
cbt C&BT Cock & Ball Torture or Cunt & Breast Torture
ch chemical Mood or mind altering drugs.
cha chastity Forced denial of sexual pleasure.
cin cinfo See CINFO for more information.
clv cunt-loving Self Explanatory
cmc cum-covered Semen covering parts of the body.
cml cum-loving Self Explanatory
cok cock-worshipping Self Explanatory
con consensual-only Play requires direct consent. (Default for the MUCK.)
crx crossdresser Dressing in the other gender's clothing.
cws cunt-worshiping Self Explanatory
d dominant Position of power in a D/s relationship.
dia diapers Wearing diapers.
dir dirty-talk Sexually explicit or crude talk.
dis disobedient Submissive who is intentionally disobedient to receive punishment.
dsc discipline Scenes with formal discipline.
dye dyes Fur or flesh colored by dyes.
edi edible Bottom in Vore scenes.
el electrical Used for S/M or other sexual uses.
ema emasculation Removal of the penis.
en enema Cleaning of the rectum with water.
ex exhibitionist Makes sexual displays in public.
exp experienced Self Explanatory
fe female-biased Preference for females.
fea fear Scenes involving fear or helplessness.
ff foot-fetish Self Explanatory
fmz feminization Forced and unforced feminization refers to the sexually-charged practice of transforming a given gender into a stereotypical female. Sometimes called 'sissifying' this practice typically involves crossdressing, behavior modification play, and aspects of S&M discipline. Feminization does not, in the real world, involve any physical change in "equipment."
fp fur-preferred Preference for furred characters over skin, scales, etc.
fsh forcedshifting Scenes that involve nonconsentual or controlled transformations.
fst fisting The insertion of the fist into the anus or vagina.
fud food-fetish Scenes that use food as an element, such as chocolate syrup on the genitals.
fuk fuckable Receiving of penetrative sex.
gay homosexual Exclusive preference for the same gender.
gen gendershifting Character can change genders.
gro group-sex Self Explanatory
het heterosexual Exclusive preference for the opposite gender.
hmb herm-biased Preference for hermaphrodites.
hor horny Self Explanatory
hu humiliation Scenes that involve Humiliation.
hum humor-and-comedy Sex that involves humor.
hyp hypnosis Specific form of mind control.
i inexperienced Self Explanatory
ic Always-IC Character is IC unless explicitly stated otherwise.
if inflation Enlargement of the body through inflation.
iht in-heat Self Explanatory
inc incest Sexual relations between family.
inf infantilist Infantile behavior during a scene.
int intelligence-biased Self Explanatory
jo masturbating Scenes that involve masturbation.
l lecherous Given to excessive indulgence in sexual activity.
la large Character is "large".
lac lactate Scenes that involve lactation (milk from the breast).
lat latex Preference for latex clothing.
le leather Preference for leather clothing.
lea leashable Character is leashable.
les lesbian Females with an exclusive preference for the same sex.
loo loose [ No description assigned ]
ma male-biased [ No description assigned ]
mac macrophile [ No description assigned ]
mag magic-sex [ No description assigned ]
mas masochist [ No description assigned ]
mat mated [ No description assigned ]
mic microphile [ No description assigned ]
mnd mind-control [ No description assigned ]
mon monogamous [ No description assigned ]
mum mummification [ No description assigned ]
no non-morphic Usually signifies that the character lacks anthropomorphic traits.
non nonconsensual [ No description assigned ]
ns non-sexual [ No description assigned ]
nt nipple-torture [ No description assigned ]
null nullification Removal of the genitalia.
od orgasm-denial [ No description assigned ]
ooc Always-OOC [ No description assigned ]
ora oral Reflects an interest in either fellatio (mouth to penis) or cunnilingus (mouth to vagina). Rimming has its own flag.
ow owned [ No description assigned ]
owc owner-consent [ No description assigned ]
pax no-pages Signifies that the character does not wish to be contacted via page
pet pet [ No description assigned ]
pie piercing [ No description assigned ]
plt plants [ No description assigned ]
plu plushophile Sex with stuffed animals.
ply polyamorous Signifies that the character is capable of intimate relationships with more than one partner. Differs from being 'slutty' in that there are feelings and emotions for the others involved.
pp public-property [ No description assigned ]
prd predator [ No description assigned ]
prg pregnophile Refers to a liking of females who are pregnant, or an interest in becoming pregnant.
pri private [ No description assigned ]
pry prey [ No description assigned ]
pty panty-fetish Usually taken to mean that there is an appreciation for wearing panties themselves, or they like others in panties.
pub public [ No description assigned ]
rim rimming Enjoys either performing the act of analingus (mouth to anus) contact or having the act performed upon them.
rom romantic [ No description assigned ]
sad sadist [ No description assigned ]
sc scat Involvement of feces in roleplay.
sh shapeshifting [ No description assigned ]
sha shaving Removal of hair, or in our case, fur.
shy shy [ No description assigned ]
siz size-queen Generally refers to those bearing an interest in males or herms with larger endowments.
slu slutty [ No description assigned ]
slv slave [ No description assigned ]
sm small [ No description assigned ]
smc sex-machines [ No description assigned ]
snu snuff Death.
sp scale-preferred Prefers lizards, dragons, or other characters with 'scales' to those with fur.
spk spanking [ No description assigned ]
su submissive [ No description assigned ]
sw switch [ No description assigned ]
sxd sex-doll [ No description assigned ]
tan tantric [ No description assigned ]
tat tattoo(ing) [ No description assigned ]
tea teasing [ No description assigned ]
ten tentacles [ No description assigned ]
tik tickling [ No description assigned ]
tit breast-loving [ No description assigned ]
top top [ No description assigned ]
toy toys [ No description assigned ]
tra trainable [ No description assigned ]
tz transformation [ No description assigned ]
un unavailable [ No description assigned ]
unb unbirthing [ No description assigned ]
up uppity Applicable to submissive/bottoms only, 'uppity' implies a certain mischievousness, impish behavior, or playfully disrespectful behavior (in the context of the D/s relationship) designed to provoke the dominant/top. It is not the same as "topping from the bottom" insofar as uppity is fun or playful, and "topping from the bottom" is a phrase usually intended to imply passive-aggressive manipulation.
vam vampirism [ No description assigned ]
van vanilla Someone who simply likes to have sex, eschewing kinks such as BDSM, is referred to as vanilla, that their sexual interests are plain.
vi virgin Implies that the character has never engaged in sexual contact, or has a liking for other characters that have not.
vor vorarephile Roleplay which involves the consumption of another character, in various degrees.
voy voyeur Someone who enjoys watching others engaged in sexual activity, without actually participating.
wa watersports Use of urine in sexual contact.
wet wet-and-messy Likes play where there is a high chance of getting messy, such as in mud or other substances.
whx no-whispers Do not use the whisper command with this character.
xp xeno-preferred Preference for xeromorphs (aliens).
yif yiffy Horny, but implies submissive.
zoo zoophile Likes creatures lacking of anthropomorphic traits in a sexual way.
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