Big head.  Big fat head.

About me

My name is Al Mackey, and I consider myself a self-taught artist and complete geek. As well as the visual arts, I dabble in music and various programming languages (both of which I also consider arts).

My favorite things to draw are cartoon animals known as Furries. I also have many years of experience working with 3D modeling and animation with a variety of subjects. My favorite drawing tools are all digital ones, including Photoshop and Lightwave.

What I'm Up To These Days

Feburary 10, 2003: Well, some people may have noticed that these pages have been going unmodified for a while. Or more like a really really long time. What happened is, after the dot-com crash, I had put a lot of my artistic aspirations aside and concentrated in trying to keep my tech job. I eventually lost it, and spent a few months in a post-traumatic limbo (but I can't say I didn't enjoy it or else they'll take away my severance benefits). These days I'm starting to be creative again. I've got a new version of the PhotoShop tutorial up, and I'm working on some new 3D stuff. Stay tuned!

About this page

This page was written in a plain text editor (Emacs), and is maintained by Perl scripts that I wrote. I've tried to be careful so that it will work well in Mozilla, Netscape, Internet Explorer, and more obscure browsers. I've also managed to keep this site free of annoyances such as advertizments and excessive animated images.

The latest sitewide update reflects a dramatic shift in my art style, as well as a more refined design style and coding method. The maintainance script was also rebuilt from scratch to be much more flexible, incorporating my own HTML template system.

Con Schedule

I often go to various furry-themed conferences around the USA. Here's a list of upcoming events I plan to attend:
Convention Name Location Date Where I'll Be
Further Confusion Santa Clara, CA January 2004 Dealer Room