How To Play Bubble Crack

Bubble Crack game snapshot:

In Bubble Crack, the mouse controls a claw at the top of the game screen which can move left and right, and drop bubbles when the left button is clicked. You can see the next bubble to be dropped in the claw, and the one next in line resting above it. When three or more bubbles of the same color are touching, they are eliminated. When all bubbles are eliminated from the screen, a level is complete. The bar at the bottom is constantly rising up, and the game is over when the bubbles hit the metal bars at the top of the screen.

Points are awarded by number of bubbles eliminated and the number of eliminations chained together in a sequence. Chained squences are worth much more than normal eliminations, and are set off by bubbles falling from above one set of eliminated bubbles onto another.

At the beginning of each level, there is a certain amount of points in the Bonus part of the scoreboard, which decreases as the level progresses. You are awarded whatever bonus points remain upon completing the level. Levels get progressively harder, but once every ten levels (level 10, level 20, etc) there is a bonus level made of many easy matches.

At the end of the game, you'll be asked to enter your name for your place in the high score list. This list is a global list of all the people who have played on this server.

There are six different kinds of bubbles. Although they look like they're made of different substances, they all pretty much act the same.







This game is written in JavaScript and HTML, with a little bit of serverside Perl to manage the high score list. Most of the graphics were rendered in LightWave 3D, and are manipulated by my own Smart Layers JavaScript library.