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In Burster, you are presented with a grid of randomly-colored blocks. Groups of blocks of the same color are selected when clicked on, and removed when clicked on again. When the blocks are removed, the blocks above cave in. Single blocks cannot be removed. When an entire column of blocks is removed, other columns will shift in from the left.

In some browsers, when you click on blocks during the game, the pointer may switch to a 'busy' pointer. Please ignore this and continue playing.

Scoring for the groups is exponential. For example, a group of 6 blocks will score much higher than two groups of 3 would. So, to get high scores, you will need to use the cave-ins and shifts to make larger groups of blocks than would normally occur randomly. The game is over when all the blocks have been removed, or if no further moves can be made.

At the end of the game, you will see your score and a high score table. A block bonus will be given, which can increase your score by up to 25%. The fewer unremovable blocks you have at game end, the higher this factor will be. It's safe to use the "back" button in the browser from the final score page to start a new game, which avoids waiting for the page to reload. Offensive names in the high score list will be removed.

This game was written in Perl and JavaScript by Alan Mackey. Please send feedback to almackey@fur.com, and visit my web pages.