Here's you'll find some of the games that I've developed (in part or in full) over the years. Some of these are web games, and others require a bit of work to get running.

Bubble Crack

An addictive logic webgame that uses layers and other advanced DHTML features. It should work in Internet Explorer version 5 or above, or NetScape version 4.7 or above.

Emulating MegaBall

This is a page where you can download the ADFs of a game my brother and I made for the Amiga computer many years ago, and tips on how to get it running in an Amiga emulator.


Burster is a fairly simple puzzle webgame. It was created just to help learn JavaScript and how to make it interact with Perl, but it came out pretty well. A browser that supports JavaScript 1.2 or higher is required.