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I've been composing music with the aid of computers for a long, long time. If you're interested in my personal music history and the equipment I use, read About My Music. The terminally curious may also read About My Songs. My music is available from three places on the net: As a way of trying to show what's new and what's available where, I've compiled this master list of my MP3 music on the net with links to their place on the About My Music page, and links to pages on their specified music archives where they may be downloaded.
Song Name Date Released Available from... FMF
Android Dancehall (80's Mix) February 2, 2001 Yes No No
Mile High Club (Al Mackey Version) February 2, 2001 Yes No No
Petroleum Product (Patchwerk Version) July 28, 2000 Yes No No
Space Opera June 4, 2000 Yes No No
Basics February 8, 2000 Yes No No
Numbers February 5, 2000 Yes No No
Dive January 3, 2000 Yes No Yes
Android Dancehall December 24, 1999 Yes Yes Yes
Out There December 6, 1999 Yes No No
Your Darkness (The Nightmare) October 30, 1999 Yes No No
Woopy August 22, 1999 Yes No No
Underground August 22, 1999 Yes No No
Your Darkness (Dark Filter) August 1, 1999 Yes Yes No
King of the Sea Monkeys June 29, 1999 Yes Yes No
Something Funky June 29, 1999 Yes Yes No
Unknown September 29, 1998 Yes No Yes
Spite November 30, 1998 Yes No Yes
Petroleum Product June 29, 1999 No Yes No
Pack Mentality May 20, 1999 No No Yes
Aerobatics October 5, 1998 No No Yes