Al's Photoshop TutorialDownloads

All tutorial steps and related images are available for download in a single compressed file here: (Version 2.0; 3.5 Megabytes)

To use the tutorial, simply use a decompression program such as WinZip to extract the files. The HTML files should appear in a directory called "Tutorial" and the images in a directory under Tutorial called "Images". I've recieved one complaint of all files extracting to the same directory; if this happens, make an Image directory and drag all image files (.gif and .jpg) into it. Drag index.html to your web browser to start the tutorial.

For anyone who'd like to see the inner workings of my demo pictures and has lots of bandwidth to spare, I'm making some of the original Photoshop PSD files available here compressed in ZIPs.

FileFromFor Photoshop VersionSize New Course7.0 or above3.7 Megabytes Old Course5.0 or above1.9 Megabytes Advanced Concepts: Detailed Surfaces5.0 or above1.9 Megabytes