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TinyMUCKs run over telnet, so the simplest client you can use is the telnet program that comes with unix or windows. However, we strongly recommend that you do not do this. Your experience on the muck will be horrible, with problems too numerous to mention. We instead suggest you get one of many freely available TinyMud/Muck client programs.

The best list we have found of these programs is Online Roleplay's Mud Client List

Tapestries MUCK User Reviews

Please include reviews of Muck Clients here in light of how they work specifically with Tapestries.

  • MUCKclient is a specific MUCK client. It allows quick changes to typing, unlike telnet, and easy use. It includes it's own spell checker that you can alter and add to as you use MUCKclient. It also allows for minimal highlighting and saves for several MUCK server addresses.
  • TinyFugue (tf) is a Unix MUCK client that is one of the oldest ones out there. It is text only, allowing you to ssh into other machines to run it, it runs under screen, etc. etc. If you're a Unix nerd, this is a clear winner.
  • Savitar Savitar is the premier shareware MUD/MUSH/MOO/MUCK client for Macintosh computers. Savitar is available for both OS 9 ("Classic") and OS X.
  • MUSHclient MUSHclient is now freeware, handles multiple worlds, colors, sounds and local triggers. It also allows for easy script uploads, and an amazing flexibility in client scripting.
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