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The muck administrators are commonly referred to as Wizards. To contact the wizards, you can do one of the following:

Generally the Request System is best for in-game conserns, such as harassment complaints, building requests, or other things where you need a wizard to do something for you. The Forums are better for general information requests as the other users are often able to answer your questions faster. We are horrible about getting back to email, so use that only if you have to.

A note on pages

Sometimes you can get lucky and get one of us with an in-game page. However, you are just as likely to have it ignored, too. Not necessarily because we are ignoring you, but because we are AFK, or digging through logs, or examining objects that spam pages and pages of text at us, causing is not to see your page for hours or miss it entirely.

We may simply be busy just talking to one (or more) other people already trying to resolve their issues as well.

Page #mail is also rather spotty depending on what we are doing. Also page #mail only goes to the wizards you specify, who may be on vacation, taking the dog to the vet, or having their long lost lover over for a visit. The request system hits all the wizards. Usually the wizard who finally gets it just takes the page #mail and turns it into a request for you anyway.

So, if you need something in game, you are best off using the Request System.

Head Wizard

If you absolutely need to contact the head wizard directly (usually only because you have a problem with one of the other wizards), send email to wfire@fur.com. Note: this email address has an auto-responder that request that you verify you are actually a human being. It won't get to me unless you respond to that message.

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