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This document is at a request for comments stage and is not policy.

The 2016 update to the building policy comes almost twenty five years after the Muck itself was founded. Since then, much has changed both in technology and socially with the system. Restrictions in building focus more on social aspects rather than technological ones now as, realistically, storage and transmission costs are negligible for normal building use.

There are three fundemantal goals of this policy. The first is to restrict database growth from becoming performance crippling or otherwise a threat to the operation of the system. This is addressed as quotas and covers all types of building. Later rules go into linking your building into the overall build of the Muck in topology and theme. This addresses public and personal building. The third is discussion of the requirments of people that wish to build public hangouts on the Muck. Finally there is an additional note about private building not being allowed to become a draw away from the core of the Muck.


What is Building

Building may refer to either the rooms and other objects the create the Muck environment or the act of creating such.

All Building

All building is required not to be used in a way that is illegal, in ways which are damaging to the Mission of the Muck, troll the population of the Muck, or to perpetrate harassment and/or hate.


Quotas are currently expressed imperfectly as a restrictions on the number of objects you own. This limit by default is 100 objects. People who own public building may make a case for more.

Run-away property usage on objects via scripting should be avoided.

Unlinked Building

Unlinked building is defined as parts of the grid that can not be reached from the public areas on the Muck, and is not considered part of the 'cannon' world except for private role-playing.

The primary restriction on building that is not linked to the core of the Muck is that it not become such a big thing that it becomes a distraction from the core goals and areas of the Muck. While this is a difficult line to define the intent is to allow small private communities (friends-only role-playing groups for example) to exist as long as they do not seriously draw away from the mission of the Muck, as well as of course your personal space.

Linked Bulding

Linked building is defined as part of the grid reachable from one of the public hubs of the Muck.

The purpose for linking building into the Muck is to make it a seamless part of the world. Thus you and others are able to travel there with out teleporting, and individuals may find the place by exploring.

To maintain the theme of the core building, areas linked to the core of the Muck must remain consistent with the Muck. An example would be having a place linked to a lot in one of the towns should not be a building or area that could not fit in such an area (such as entire forests, etc.)

Linked areas are at this time maintained as self-service lots in two categories, public and private. All linked building is subject to being reclaimed based on usage and their type as well as outright eminent domain.

All publically reachable of any linked building must conform to Good Bulding Practices.

Private Linked Building

Private building linked into the grid in the form of houses, apartments, small private business and the like serve much the same purpose and restrictions as Unlinked building, but additionally as part of the core they must also fit in as described above.

The primary restrictions on private vs. public linked building is that it does not receive services such as it's own teleport destination, listing on the location count (lc) program as they are not intended to be public gathering places.

Private building's location within the larger grid may be reclaimed after three months of inactivity on the part of it's owner. Such reclaimed areas will be moved to Unlinked Space and can later be restored elsewhere in the grid.

Public Linked Building

Publically linked building and how it fits into the overall mission of the Muck is discussed in a subject that has been split of to Public Building.

Public building may be reclaimed as per that document, either automatically removed from the grid or possession taken by the wizards to maintain the Muck if needed.

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