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This is work on a new TOS for the Tapestries MUCK Forums. It is not yet policy. It is just here for consideration.

The Tapestries MUCK forms exist primarily as a place to discuss and organize things and otherwise be an aide to the users of the Muck. There are other uses of the forums, such as the Topic Drift, and Socialization Outside forums, but these are not the main focus.


Civil Discussion

Users of these forums are expected to maintain a civil face to each other. I realize that sometimes people get heated in discussions, and it's easy to get carried away, but please watch what you say.

  • No name calling.
  • No abusive language.
  • No comparing people's actions to Real Life (RL) atrocities.
  • No trolling (intentionally trying to start fights.)
  • No attacks on religion, gender, sexuality, or kinks. That includes questioning the morality of any of the above.

It is especially important remember that different people have different viewpoints on a subject, and may never come to agree with you. Sometimes you have to agree to disagree and walk away from a discussion.

Discussions with Wizards

It is perfectly alright to disagree with the wizards. The wizards are imperfect and make mistakes like everyone else. On top of that people have different points of view on various actions, and should be free to express that. They need that sort of feedback to help shape present and future decisions.

But please remember that the wizards are people just like you, and deserve you being civil to them like anyone else does.

The wizards will attempt to be understanding and lenient in this regard. They realize people get very heated in dealing with unpopular decisions. However do not be surprised to find posts removed or edited if you violate the above guidelines.

Threats to the System

And threats to the system will be dealt with harshly, including attacks, and using the system for any sort of illegal activities.

Means of Enforcement

These are the sorts of tools the wizards will use to enforce these rules:

  • Editing - Edit offensive comments out of an otherwise good post, and leave a note to the author.
  • Post Deletion - Reserved for posts that are to inflammatory to be salvageable as per above.
  • Temporary Banning - For someone having self control problems in the heat of a debate, until they can cool down.
  • Permanent Banning - For established trolls who are just here to cause problems.
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