Furry Art and Artists
    Formerly known as the Squeeky Clean Furry Archive, Yerf continues to be the best source of "clean" Furry Art on the net.
  • RLVision ArtGem
    A very efficiently-programmed drawing program for Windows. I'd recommend this to anyone who's interested in computer art but can't shell out hundreds of dollars for "professional" tools.
  • Fang
    Fang is a good starting place for people interested in the Furry Fandom's equivalent in Japan, known as Kemono. You might want to have a Japanese font installed and your browser set up to use it before you go there. Even if you don't read Japanese, it will still look a lot better.
  • A Doemain of Our Own
    Sue Parkin's online comic that parallels her experiences at furry cons, with her husband, etc.
  • Bay Area Anthropomorphic Artists
    Also known as BA3, this is a local group of furry artists in the San Francisco bay area.
  • Guppy (Colin Crisanti) (May include adult images)
    Guppy is my S.O. of many years, and also a regular at BA3 gatherings.
  • Fel (May include adult images)
    A talented artist and BA3 member with a lot of original style ideas (I call them 'issues', hehe) who happens to live down the road from me.
  • Frank Gembeck (May include adult images)
    Frank's one of those artists who's sickeningly good with those silly antiquated pencil and ink things, who's been a good friend for a number of years. He's also a regular at BA3.
  • Berios (Jamal Hannah)
    Berios was the first person to recognize my artwork as Furry (In an icon for an Amiga shareware MOD-player no less) and introduce me to the Furry Fandom many years ago.
  • oCeLoT (Amara Telgemeier)
    oCe is an incredibly talented young artist and longtime online acquaintance who also shows up at BA3 meetings now and then.
  • Descention (The artwork of Marty Valenti)
    This is another guy I know from BA3 gatherings, who has a very dark and detailed style. Not much of his art is furry, but rather looks very Geiger-esque.
  • ScreenSavers by Skid Vis
    Skid Vis has made a series of screensavers of artwork by various net-based artists, one of which is me.

Music-Related Links
  • SidStation
    The SidStation is a very unique synthesizer based around the SID chip, the music chip from the Commodore 64.
  • OctaMED
    A strange music program (my favorite one) that acts as a strange hybrid between a high-quality tracker and a MIDI sequencer.
  • The Furry Music Foundation
    An archive of music by and/or about furries.
  • Moxy Früvous
    A great band from Canada that sings a wide variety of music.
  • S.P.O.C.K
    Their name stands for Star Pilot On Channel K. Yeah, right. They're a band from Sweden that sings about Star Trek and other sci-fi, that will be sued for every penny they've ever made if ever they set foot on American soil. I love 'em!
  • Laika and the Cosmonauts
    Surf music from Finland!

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