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Rym is populated by a fractioned and surreal diversity of human, demihuman, and anthropomorphic beings. Some have come to Rym from other planes shattered by the world-devouring Eater, while others have risen from the ashes of the Creator Empire or followed in the wake of the Spiral Order's expansion. Some are peaceful and kind, others vile and hateful, but they all generally share a single goal. They must survive. Good and evil alike have a common enemy, which has changed the entire nature of the balance, and smashed their petty struggles under a seemingly unstoppable tide of conquest and ecocide. Select your species.

Rym's human population has always viewed other races with suspicion and veiled hostility, though they have a slightly higher tollerance of the demi-human population, such as the elves and dwarves, and will trade with them should the need arise. Non-humans are often termed 'monsters', for lack of a more enlightened word, and relations with them are awkward at best. Most of the human culture is a fragmented creole containing a general common dialect supplemented by regional variations and accents, and they often have enough trouble getting along with each other let alone with those of completely foreign appearance. Both the Spiral and the effects of the Wasting heavily influence human societies, especially in the southern regions of Penduk, and most will offer little resistance to the overpowering presence of the undead.


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