". . ."

        Once noble allies of the elves and humans, these fierce lupines have been reduced to little more than roving packs of rangers or escaped slaves. Skoles are big creatures, and typically rather intimidating, standing close to seven feet tall, with muscular frames and piercing golden eyes. Skoles have very heavy coats of grey, black, or (rarely) white fur, which keeps them warm in their cold habitats. Their long legs allow them to run faster than the average man, though their bulk also makes them slightly less graceful. The skoles speak their own language, though they are not a talkative species by any means. Despite the dark times that have befallen them, they are still a very honorable and honest people.

        Skoles have a pack mentality, much like their ancestral cousins. They typically elect a pack leader, often through contests of strength and skill, and follow said leader by example. Generally, these packs range from four to as many as twelve, with a polarized group attitude enforced by the pack leader. Young are raised by the pack as a whole, and the sharing of mates is common and generally accepted. A skole's life is hard but fair, filled with trials and sacrifices intended to sweeten the finer moments of love and war. They are a very noble people, and while they do not welcome strangers, they often grow to respect any individual who displays courage under fire.

        Most skoles see battle as the ultimate truth, and use it to celebrate, to redeem, and to purify the spirit. They are not a brutal people, in spite of this attitude, and view the bullying of weaker beings as a sign of considerable cowardice. They have no respect or mercy for slavers and their ilk, or any who would rule with terror instead of bravery; they view themselves as the enemies of fear. However, rather than defend weaker beings, skoles often take it upon themselves to chastise and educate those who are unable to protect themselves or overcome a lack of courage. They honor fellow warriors of any species, with the possible exception of the czath, whom they despise for obvious reasons.

        Above all else, the skoles are concerned with survival. The czath have pushed them further and further from their habitat, overpowering their packs with sheer numbers. Once highly-organized allies of the Solinar, the skoles now wander the plains as nomads and hunters without permanent homes or any sort of established presence. In any group, it is usually the largest, strongest, or most skilled warrior who leads, and then only as long as the pack feels confident in his or her ability. They are not motivated by wealth unless they require such wealth to equip themselves with weapons and armor. Once these needs have been met, most skoles would rather kill their own food, line their own beds, or make what they need for themselves as opposed to purchasing it from others. To the more civilized folk, they can come off as quite crass and often randy - skoles are far more comfortable with their appetites than most folk and aren't afraid to show it. They also make it a habbit of being brutally honest.

        Skole PCs are likely to be young warriors motivated by the promise of battle, ancient magical weapons, fame, and perhaps a pack of their own. More than likely, these skoles will be a little more accepting of other races, as their own kind will generally encourage them to leave the pack until they can bring back a significant sign of combat prowess, such as the horn of a great monster, and be made full members.

Social Alignment: For the most part, the skoles are far removed from the comforts of the southern lands. The harsh climes of Freilu have driven them even closer together than they were in ancient times. Skoles have a strong sense of both personal and tribal honor, and revile those who have none. Males and females are equally fierce and strong-willed, and hold equal roles in society
Economic Structure: The koba don't really need anything, and thus their economy is virtually non-existant. They can eat leaves, grass, even wood, and sleep without the benefits of shelter or trappings. Most have a difficult time understanding the intrinsic value of things like gold and gemstones, and how such materials translate into material goods. Indeed, most material goods also elude them. To the koba, the only real currency is effort, making them surprisingly loyal and honest even in the worst of circumstances.
Family Structure: Koba generally have strong family units until the young are able to fend for themselves, at which point instinct tends to force them apart. Tribes are typically composed of several families which stict together during their wanderings for mutual protection. Males are generally responsible for defending the tribe, while females tend to the young and gather food. In defense of their young, however, females are far more devastating oponents than their male counterparts, and function in just the same respect when needed.
Taboos: Koba are naturally reluctant to enter most civilized areas, buildings in particular. They have a habbit of breaking things even when they're trying to be careful, and mistaking all manner of expensive items for food. They tend to feel rather cramped and confined when inside anything other than open caves, which are largely resistant to their destructive clumsiness. This gets ten times worse when they're drunk, alcohol only having recently been introduced to the hardy reptillians by the more 'advanced' races. Most koba won't enter strutures of 'butchered earth' unless persuaded by food and/or alcohol.
Names: Koba have short, simple names which always contain a Z. This naming ritual's origins are lost in antiquity, though it's still considered bad luck to deviate. Male and female names differ slightly, female names containing a prefix T' or R'. Zeza, Kazi, Zuraka, and Laz are all common, with the female equivalents being T'Zeza (Tah-zee-zah), T'Kazi, R'Zuraka (Ur-zur-ah-kah), and R'Laz. They more commonly identify each other by body patterns.

  • +2 Strength, -1 Dexterity, -1 Wisdom, -1 Charisma: Skoles are exceptionally strong, given their large size, but also suffer a certain lack of tact and diplomacy. They're somewhat heavy-handed, too.
  • Large-size: As Large-size creatures, skoles receive a -1 to their natural AC.
  • Skole base speed is 40 feet.
  • Cold Resistance 10, and a +4 racial saving throw bonus against all forms of fear.
  • Darkvision: Being largely noctural, skoles possess darkvision 60, and unlimited lowllight vision.
  • Natural Weapons (Claws or Bite) 1d6
  • Automatic Languages: Skole. Bonus Languages: Ignan, Common, Sylvan, Elven, Koba. Skoles don't usually have much to say, until they're drinking it up aafter a battle. They speak in a low, somber tongue, and are capable of the classic wolf-howl.

    NICE [General]

    Your massive weapon's critical hits are especially devastating.
    Prerequisites: Skole only. Size Large. Improved Critical.
    Benefit: On a natural 20, you double your strength damage bonus. Only melee weapons benefit from this feat.
    Special: "Nice."

    FEARLESS [General]

    As you are the embodiment of Ixra's spirit on Rym, you fear absolutely nothing.
    Prerequisites: Skole only, Iron Will.
    Benefit: You possess an Aura of Courage, just like a paladin. This is a supernatural ability.
    Special: This can, of course, get you into trouble.

    WRATH [General]

    Your presence in battle is extremely intimidating
    Prerequisites: Skole only, Fearless
    Benefit: You get a +3 bonus to Intimidate checks during battle.
    Special: On a natural 20, this bonus becomes +6.

    BERZERK [General]

    When severely wounded, you can fly into a wild animal rage in order to drive off or kill your foes.
    Prerequisites: Skole only, Fearless, Wrath
    Benefit: Your berzerker threshold is 20% of your maximum HP, rounded down. If you fall below this number, you may go berzerk as a free action. In this state, you always inflict maximum weapon damage on a successful hit.
    Special:The berzerker state lasts for one round per level, and can only be invoked once per day.

    FLAME RUNE [Metamagic]

    You have one of the six elemental runes drawn somewhere on your body. This tattoo is permanent, and usually quite prominant.
    Prerequisites: Skole only.
    Benefit: None.
    Special: When within 30 ft. of an Ocean Rune, both marked individuals receive a +2 bonus on all saving throws. This is a supernatural ability.