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        Rym's axial tilt is fairly shallow, and thus the seasons are somewhat more subtle than is usual. In fact, a better indication of season would be the celestial phenomena visible in the night sky. Each season is, in turn, broken up into three phases, or months, to represent early, middle, and late tiers. Each month is then broken up into weeks and days, given different names by those cultures that catalogue the passage of time. Some have even started measuring down to the hour, minute, and moment, using a variety of devices. However, time is becoming less and less reliable as the Eater's pull distorts it, and a variety of strange phenomena have occured as a result. Modern magic harnesses these invisible anomalies, bringing forth fragments of other times and other realities to produce its effects. To produce a fiery explosion, for instance, the magician creates a momentary doorway, or wormhole, to a time or place where such an explosion is occuring, and unleashes it in his own reality.

        Ancient magic is also linked to the passage of time. Each season is tied to an element, and each element strengthens during its cycle. Creatures tied to the elemental planes grow more numerous and powerful, as does magic that draws upon these forces. Unlike the destructive modern magic, which only widens the instabilities that are its source, this energy has always existed, constantly replenishing itself, and growing stronger as life on Rym flourishes. The seasons have their own sense of time, in fact, a pulse that can be heard by those closely tied to the fabric of the elements. Elementals, animals, even plants can feel the pulse of this living clock, by which they flower, breed, migrate, and otherwise live out their lives.