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<The Basics of @success>

@success <object> [=<message>]. Sets the success message for <object>. The message is displayed when a player successfully uses <object>. Without a message argument, it clears the message. It can be abbreviated @succ. <object> can be specified as <name> or #<number>, or as 'me' or 'here'. This is the same as '@set <object>=_/dr:[text]

This works much the same as @Osucc but in reverse, its what the user of the action, room or thing sees when a message or even an MPI code is embedded. I like to do such things with items and rooms especially.

Example:@succ here = {null:{store:{&arg},_Testd,{owner:this}}}

@osucc here = {with:response,{lrand:{eval:{list:test}}},{null:{store:{&arg},_Testd{owner:this}}},{null:{tell:**You Shift the room's desc**{nl}>{&arg} {&response}},{owner:this}}**Shifts the rooms desc with {&arg}{&cmd}** to:{nl}> {&response}}

To actually have this work for the Succ and Osucc, you would need to create several lsedits containing room descriptions within them.

1> Lsedit here=test1

This room is simple, nothing much but a bed a candle and a table. All worked into a style that suits you for leisure, pleasure and composure of a being romantic. Upon the table are some assorted things. Those being; A black candle, a pack of cigarettes, some chocolates and condoms. Case you want safe sex. The mattress laying upon the floor seems in good condition, with fresh sheets on it too. Nearly always black satin, but sometimes red velvet on occasion. Big puffy pillows fluffed just right, it all feels so comfy and inviting for such a small isolated place.


2>Lsedit here=test2

Yeah I haven't desc this changeable room yet.


3>Lsedit here=test3

What meets your eyes is a sultry sinful room filled with deliciously lustful things. Offsetting the balance of your mood to turn you completely on at once, like its sex in the air.


4>Lsedit here=test




So now when any one looks at the room it will tell you and any person inside that room that the room has shifted, and will display on random one of the three test descriptions written in the three test's. And just so you know, you cant have @Osucc without @Succ.

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