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cmd-@toadme is a command that allows the user to remove one's self, one's items and actions from the MUCK. It is an irreversible command and everything is lost afterwards. It does, however, have safeties to stop accidental self-toadings.


@toadme will display the documentations of the command.

  • The user can input @toadme #request to ask the system for a removal.
  • The system will then prompt the user to wait 24 hours before confirming. The request must be confirmed within 7 days or it will be automatically aborted.

Within those seven days, the user can manually abort a toading by inputing @toadme #abort. The @toadme is then locked for a period of 48 hours before one can input a new request.

  • When ready to be toaded, the user confirms his or her desire to be removed with everything he or she owns with @toadme #confirm.
  • There is then a one minute countdown to the toading process. A series of messages are then broadcasted to the user every 10 seconds, advertising the use of the abort function.

Aborting before the 10 seconds mark with @toadme #abort will stop the process and lock the request function for 48 hours as per normal. Disconnecting will also abort the process; the user must remain online for the duration of the toading process.

  • At the 10 seconds mark, the @toadme #abort function is locked and cannot be used. At the 0 seconds mark, the MUCK offers a final goodbye before deleting and subsequently disconnecting the user.

Throughout any parts of the requesting, the user can use @toadme #status to learn about their request or aborted request, with the time available until the next request can be inputed.

The process is irreversible. If you use @toadme to its completion, the wizards will not be able to give you back your character's possessions, descriptions or properties back. You will have to start over. You can recreate your character using the registration form, but you will have to start over if you did not save your information beforehand.


  • Page mails sent with page #mail by a toaded character are still transmitted. The sender, however, is not identified by his name but, instead, as A slimy toad.
  • Those who threatened the world of Layleaux, as listed in the world's History, that simply disappeared without trace are, occasionally by the userbase, said to have been changed into toads.
  • The cmd-@toadme command is strangely owned by WhiteWizard's character WhiteFire instead of WhiteWizard himself. It is not, however, the only command or program owned by WhiteFire, lck-genlock being another example.
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