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This is old stuff from the Fusion News system which we stopped updating about two years ago in favor of using the Forums. It is archived here for curiosity's sake.


Registration Online posted by WhiteWizard on 02-07-2005 14:16

Pending reg queue has been purged. Reregister if you had not gotten your character before the Wired article.

Registration CLOSED posted by WhiteWizard on 01-30-2005 21:19

Due to a recent Wired! "culture" article that listed this first in a list of places to find CiberSex with out any mention of what type of system this actually is, the registration system has been flooeded and had to be taken offline.

If the idea of roleplaying a non-human sentient creature in an adult environmt on an old-school text chat system appeals to you, come back in a week or two.

Policies 2.1.0 posted by WhiteWizard on 04-10-2004 20:57

Muck Policies 2.1.0 are now posted as official. You can review them at policies or read about them in this post.

Bug fixes installed posted by WhiteWizard on 11-25-2003 00:35

There was a fairly serious bug in the pronoun substitution code that would allow people to snoop random says and poses in the TinyMUCK FB server. This bug exists in the TinyMUCK 5 and 6 sieries servers.

The maintainers have been notified. The details of the bug will not be published until they have had a reasonable chance to fix it. Tapestries is no longer vunerable to this bug.

Since I was in the code anyway, I added support for new genders:

female, male, woman, man, boy, girl, filly, bitch, shemale, herm, neuter, eunuch, geld, stallion, and stud.

They do substring searches, so hermaph will also match as herm.

WIXXX upgraded to WIXXXE posted by WhiteWizard on 11-25-2003 00:32

Written by K'T/AnnonyMouse and rather brutalized by myself, this adds a number of features, including:

1) wixxx #!searchable, in case you don't like people #finding you. 2) A "detailed" mode where you can rank flags. 3) Descriptions of flags accessable with wixxx #whatis .

There are a few other little changes, but that is hilights.

Recomended Reading posted by WhiteWizard on 10-30-2003 14:32

The links have been moved to the Recomended Reading section, which also has some unique content specially written for Tapestries MUCK.

Purge Completed posted by WhiteWizard on 10-29-2003 18:55

A stage II and III purge were completed today. The stats are...

3270 players removed 8844 objects removed 261 players not removed beacuse of structures being in use

PURGE! posted by WhiteWizard on 10-23-2003 17:38

A stage II and III purge will be happening sometime on or after 10-28-2003. See the purge policy for information on what this means.

No, we won't answer questions about who is being purged. See the policy.

FAQ Section posted by WhiteWizard on 10-23-2003 17:38

See the FAQ link on the menu... if the question is not answered there, submit it! With your help we can have the most complete FAQ of any muck.

News System posted by WhiteWizard on 10-23-2003 17:13

Installed a news system powered by FusionPHP's Fusion News. This way we can stick news on the front page of the website easily.

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