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I really like what's here so far, a good introduction to free-text RP tools and methods for those who are new or improving, and better means of applying them for those already familiar. Further it frames how those skills will apply to Chehon itself, so great. A couple things are missing though, and I have a few concerns as well.

Toastmasters told me to frame the bad news in good news, so I'll do the messy bit now. Wording in the Problematic Character Types section is off, starting with the title itself. Calling 'excellent drivers of roleplay' problematic is just the wrong way to go. It will put off those who want to play these high level characters properly - perhaps to the point they play less or don't play at all - while attracting those which want to be a problem, subconsciously or otherwise. Yes, poor play of the movers and shakers can be a problem, it doesn't have to be. Focus on the positive; call it something else. High-risk Character Types maybe, as playing one properly means spinning a number of plates: risky to deal with, risky to manage, risky to play (for the player at least.)

The average Joe/Jane part is a bit off-putting too. The picture painted is that fighters and fights will be common, and those who can't or won't contribute should just get out of the way. Some people like being innocent and/or helpless is such scenarios and others like to protect or prey on them, but I promise those aren't the only reasons someone rolls up an average character. All this conflict is an opportunity for some, average or not. Growth is an important part of canonical play, and there's no mention of it here.

Lastly, what did Chitter do to deserve their special status? From what I can tell it was slipped in quid pro quo along with a small island for no other reason than the right person being asked. Under-table privilege handouts - OOC ones, that is - are not the reason I'm so interested in this new zone. Not saying to nix the gift, but do a better job next time. It's your spot, but you're not the reason it exists. Consult your players and the needs of the zone before making exceptions to your rules.

Yuck. On to good stuff, or more constructive criticism at least... my complaints are pretty nit-picky. I saw it mentioned elsewhere that a board or zone-notice of some sort should be set up so people are aware of retcons. Sure, that's one way to use such a system, but it doesn't need to be the only way. Important canon events, plotlines awaiting interest, characters in need of an entourage/squad/gang to be viable... all are possibilities for a zone-wide resource. I expect there will be a default hub like the current Homeless Shelter as the place is put together; that would be a good place for such a board(s).

I'm not really sure what to say about the Chehon military; that's telling of a lack of detail or reasoning. I'm certain there will be an interest in playing these sorts and it's not entirely clear with soldiers employed by the city are disallowed. Nor is it clear why it MUST be a Wizard doing the spoofing if they show up, nor what to do if a military response is evoked and there's no Wizard available. I agree admins should be informed, much as a Katatraz or Saint Mary's guard would inform their superiors, but it seems a pretty tight leash for a zone in which 'there will almost certainly be quite a few [fighters] about.'

That last one was not as good as I'd hoped, bleh. Oh well. Nutshelled, you're doing a great job and I want to help however I can. But as a dirty liar that help tends to make more work for those I support. Sorry. Good luck.

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