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lsedit here=devils

The two medium figure Devil Statues setting by the door on opposite sides from one another, come to life. Beginning to wield there menacing hammers as the Dark Flames rise and scorch there eyes black with rage. Stepping closer and closer yet, swinging with considerable force, each ones tail thrashing and whipping making cracking sounds like an evil whip.

They find you, coming through the walls, as you hear their deathly approach upon you, hunting you down throughout this entire estate, finding you easily as they hunt you down like their prey. Fading through countless walls, as their once metal body becomes etheric to catch you. Looming over you quite solid now, and have their way with you.

Soon before you know it they hit your chest in unison, sending a thud throughout your entire body. Stunning you as both smack your face with there long thickened brass tails. Making it to where you are not able to pass at all, let alone ever come back giving you the sense of them waiting for you in each of your new and feeble attempts to sneak in. Forever standing sentinel against your forced entries to this estate, until you are permitted acceptance again.


lsedit here=_devil_blocked

Don't DeleteMe


lsedit here=devilblocked



@lock exit=devilblock?:yes

@rlock exit={prop:{list:D-lock}}

@fail exit={if:{and:{prop:_devil_blocked#,{owner:this}},{ne:{lmember:{list:_devil_blocked,{owner:this}},{name:me}},0}},{eval:{null:{tell:<Entry blocked for +{name:me}+ +{sex:me}+ +{species:me}+>,{owner:this}}}Sorry! {name:{owner:this}} has blocked you from entering.},{null:<{name:me} now knows where you are>,{owner:this}}}{null:{delay:3,{nl}>>{eval:{list:devils}}}}{nl}Furs Blocked -[{prop:_Devil_blocked#}]-

@set exit=devilblock?:{if:{eq:{lmember:{list:_devil_blocked,here},{name:me}},0},yes,no}

lsedit exit=D-lock {if:{and:{prop:_club_blocked#,{owner:this}},{ne:{lmember:{list:_club_blocked,{owner:this}},{name:me}},0}},{eval:{null:<Entrance blocked for +{name:me}+ +{sex:me}+ +{species:me}+>,{owner:this}} Sorry! {name:{owner:this}} has blocked you from entering the club.},{null:<{name:me} now knows where you are>,{owner:this}} {eval:{list:devils}}}


Then to block someone, type lsedit here=_devil_blocked

Add in there name then hit .end and its done.

Example: lsedit here=_devil_blocked



And thats it!


@create Devil's key

@lock exit=devilblock?:yes|Devil's Key|{owner:this}

So now even a person with the key you created can get around this lock in place.

Now in my case, I have the D-Lock in only two rooms; My Parent Room and then one of my entry ways. But I also have it to where many of my action/exits to other rooms are in my parent room. So this actually works rather well for me. And unlike most locks, this one doesn't require quota to do, though its a bit different and not simple.

<Contributions n Copyrighted By Anuba & Shannon>

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