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This is a look counter that will tell the person looking at you how many times you've been looked at and how many times they have looked at you.

The MPI stores the data in a set of props on the specified object.

When you create an object you're given the object's DB ref. You can also get the db ref by using the 'examine' program on an object:

  ex propbox

When using the example code provided here, replace #0000 with the db ref of the object on which you want to store your properties. It can be you if you like, but I prefer to store props on another object so that if I decide to self-toad a character I can pass the object containing all of my props to an alt.

The script consists of two functions:

  You have looked at {name:this} {if:{lt:{prop:_lookcount/{name:me},#0000},1},
  #0000},1},_lookcount/{name:me},#0000}} times.

This line checks if the person looking at you has a home folder on your prop storage object and if not creates one and sets the number of times they have looked at you to 1. If they've looked at you before it increments the number of times they've looked at you by 1.

  You're looker number {store:{add:{prop:descount,#0000},1},descount,#0000}

This line checks how many times you've been looked at and displays the value for the looker.

Place the script into your description or into a list referenced in your description to use it.

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