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To format your pages and page-poses requires using certain format names, rather then custom ones like the #help3 file indicates. These formats are page and pose, and are good both for the #format and #oformat commands.

Don't forget to use the #formatted command to see formatting, and the #standard command to return to standard. These commands work for receiving pages only.

Pages are simpler, as they only require you to communicate a say command through the page, rather then a pose. To substitute names, you would use %n, and use the substitution %m to substitute the input text

For example, if you wish to 'telepath' your voice instead of just page, you would do this.

page #format page=You telepath, "%m" to %n
page #oformat page=telepaths, "%m" to you.

Bear in mind that OFormat automatically inputs your name and needs no %n substitution at the beginning, rather only to substitute target's name. When you page with this format, it should result in this:

page Test123=testing
You telepath, "testing" to Test123

And on the receiving end:

Testpage telepaths, "testing" to you.

Pose Formatting

For poses, they can be separate from simple say-only pages, because they reflect action and require a different wording. For example,

page #format pose=You send %n an image, where Testpage %m
page #oformat pose=In your mind, the image of %n %m

What this comes out to, is this result.

page Test123=:wags his tail.
You send Test123 an image, where Testpage wags his tail.

And on the receiving end:

In your mind, the image of Testpage wags his tail.

Resetting Formatting

The best option for customizing pages is this; do what you like with it! Any changes can be deleted by typing the following command.

@set me=_page/formats/:

This command deletes all your custom formats and oformats for pages. To only view them, use this command:

ex me =/_page/formats/
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