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The building policies of the Muck exist to manage system resources and maintain a positive environment for people to interact in.

System Resources

Tapestries has a number of resources that are limited, thus building must be restricted so that they are used wisely. Some of these are technical limitations, some of them are human resource limitations.

  • Objects - TinyMUCK uses code writen in the late '80s / early 90's. This code does not scale well, even with modern hardware. Thus the number of objects in a TinyMU*s database directly impacts it's performance and even reliability.
  • Staff - Public building (see below) requires a staff to be successful. That staff both needs to encourage the theme of the area, and handle problem users with a level of detail the wizards can not manage to prevent overly stiff cliques and other negative behaviors from ruling an area. There is a limited pool qualified people on the muck for such staff.
  • Wizards - The wizards on Tapestries MUCK have limited time to provide guidance to public area owners and staff to help them keep in line with the goals of the Muck.
  • Active Player base - There are only so many players at any one time that are interested in being out in the public.

Mission and Environment

Considering the resources that must be managed, we must insure that the building presented to the user supports the system's goals.

  • Mission - The world of Tapestries has a specific mission it, building should enhance this.
  • Theme - There is a very loose theme to the Tapestries world, which is a backdrop for people's characters to live in. All building should support this theme.
  • Topology - Related to the theme is the topology of the Muck. Breaking the suspension of disbelief with entirely unrealistic building hurts people's ability to role play.

MPI Scripting

MPI (My Personal Insanity) is a macro expansion language included in the system. It is poorly implemented and can be CPU abusive on the single-threaded 30 year old server.

  • Timer Loops - You may NOT implement {delay} loops. As in a {delay} that calls another {delay} to cause repeated MPI executions.

Core Building

Core building includes infrastructure that other building (primarily public) is linked to. This includes towns, roads, waterways, and various theme support areas that are not really intended as public gathering areas in their own right.

All core building is owned by the Wizards.

Public Building

Public building includes gathering and socialization areas, as well as areas themed for specific tastes (such as specially equipped play areas). Public building should be managed by a staff who actively try and encourage it's use, and appropriate behavior in their areas.

Public building is approved by the wizards. More information on this process can be found in the Public Builder's Guide, which is considered policy for public builders.

Public building is typically managed by Players, though some Wizard owned public building exits. Most notably Fox Plaza.

Private Building

Private building exists for the exclusive use of it's owner as a private retreat from the rest of the muck. Typically this takes the form of some sort of home or private play space.

It is permissible to have a small number of friends use the area as well, or to use it as a small organizational area like a home for a wolf pack. However, this should be carefully restricted not to get out of hand, or it can become classified as unauthorized Public Building, and will be removed.

Private building should not have multiple people linking their rooms together to form larger areas. Again, this will likely classify it as unauthorized Public Building. Small scale exceptions are allowed, such as a friend or two having a private room in your home.

Private building typically takes place in the 'unlinked rooms' area of the muck, though there are a few apartment complexes available.

Building Privlages

There are a number of privlages related to building. Most are reserved for Public and Core building.


The Muck maintains a quota of objects that a user can own. Every user is given 40 objects which they may use for Private Building and other use.

Extensions to a users quota is only granted for the purpose of Public building.

Public Teleport Patterns

Only Core and Public areas will be given public teleport patterns. This is to maintain as small as possible list of public destinations. Only one per area is allowed.

Listing in LC (Location Count)

Only Core Building and Public Building will be allowed an entry in LC. Core building may have a breakdown depending on how large of an area it is, however, Public building will only be allowed one line for an area. Furthermore the area should be of the sort that is designed to create crowds. For example, public play spaces, bars, etc. Other areas that do not require such advertising will not be granted an LC listing, such as apartment complexes.

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