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Swampwulf.jpgRufus ‘Red’ Swampwulf is a Canis Rufus, or Red Wolf.

Standing at 5’10" on large plantigrade foot-paws, he’s not the tallest of his lupine cousins, but this doesn’t seem to bother him in the slightest. The fact that he weighs in at about 180 lb. works for him as well. Not bulky, not too skinny, but just right in his mind’s eye.

He’s covered in a rusty reddish-orange fur like a short carpet of crushed velvet over his entire body. It flows from the tip of his large smooth pelted ears to his oversized foot-paws, except for the blondish ‘goatee, head-fur, and the patch of shaggier ‘ruff between his pecs that runs in a golden treasure trail down into his overalls. He has sparkling greenish-gold eyes and a long, broad muzzle with a soft black nose-pad and long black whiskers. His cheek-ruffs and neck-ruff are quite short, unlike most wolves, but his short fur keeps him comfortable in the hot and humid Louisiana swamps, which are his original home. A thick neck leads down to a broad chest, his body lean but tightly muscled, not overly bulging but obviously strong and very fit. The old hound’s arms are longer than other wolves his size, and his paws are considerably larger as well, with soft black paw-pads and rounded claws.

Red, as he’s generally called, can usually be found wearing a pair of faded overalls that cover his lanky legs, hanging loosely down over his foot-paws, the overalls frayed at the bottom of each leg. A long sparsely furred tail sweeps out behind him, protruding from a flap in the back of his overalls, wagging lazily from side to side. His legs are also long, like his arms, and his broad, flat foot-paws are very large indeed, his legs tightly muscled and lean. He takes great interest in his surroundings, and is constantly looking around and sniffing the air around him.

Red's Bayou

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