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The current Tapestries avatar of an off-and-on player and occasional contributor to the Wiki and the Forum.

Tapestries description

Trym is an odd creature, possessing traits of several normal animals. Hir overall form is that of a taur, hir fur colour being a base of fox-red, with several black stripes on hir limbs and a silvery diamond pattern on hir back. Hir head is felinoid, with the usual expansion of the cranium to support a human-level complexity brain. Hir arms have the stripes mentioned above, along with black rosette-style spots scattered along the outer side, and end in retractible-clawed fingers.

Trym's chest supports a handful-sized pair of breasts in the usual 'human' position which pass the pencil test easily. Below those are two pair of smaller teats, not quite large enough to call breasts. Between hir forelegs is a sheath comparable in size to a more-or-less average morph standing at hir height of just under six feet. Below that, almost hidden by the curve of hir body there, is a feminine slit. There are no visible testes.

The taur's lower body is more or less normal until the lower abdomen is reached. Here, three pair of teats rest, not blatantly displayed as if Trym were a nursing mother, but easily discoverable through close inspection or tactile search. A larger sheath hangs in the usual spot, with an animalistic female sex nestled right behind it. Again, there are no visible testes. Trym's lower body appears to be about 7 feet long, with an additional 4 feet of tail, striped red, black, and white until the tip is reached, which is cream. The tail is hugely fluffy, and just an inch from the tip is a slit.

Player information

Trym's player resides in Canada.


Yes, they exist. No, the player doesn't wish to divulge them at this time.

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